How Do You Spell DEODORIZED?

Pronunciation: [diːˈə͡ʊdəɹˌa͡ɪzd] (IPA)

The word "deodorized" is spelled /diːˈəʊdəraɪzd/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable is pronounced as "dee" and the second syllable as "oh". The stress is on the third syllable, which is pronounced as "raizd". The spelling of this word follows the standard English spelling rules. The prefix "de-" means "removal", "odor" is spelled as it is pronounced, and the suffix "-ized" is used to indicate the past participle form of a verb. Overall, "deodorized" is a word that means to remove or neutralize unpleasant smells.

DEODORIZED Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "deodorized" refers to the process of removing unpleasant odors or masking them with a more pleasant scent. It involves the treatment or purification of an object, substance, or area to eliminate or reduce the presence of foul or offensive smells.

    When a product or environment is deodorized, it means that specific measures have been taken to neutralize or counteract any malodorous molecules or compounds. This can be achieved through various methods such as adding fragrances, utilizing air fresheners, applying chemicals that target odor-causing agents, or employing techniques like filtration or absorption to remove offending particles from the air or surfaces.

    Deodorization is widely used in a range of contexts, including household cleaning products, personal care items, sanitation systems, and waste management. For instance, deodorized soaps, shampoos, and detergents often contain additives that mask or neutralize the natural scents associated with these products. Similarly, deodorized garbage bins, public restrooms, or refrigerators employ measures to control and eliminate unpleasant smells.

    Deodorizing enhances the overall sensory experience by creating more pleasant and fresh environments. It plays a vital role in reducing discomfort, boosting hygiene standards, and promoting a more appealing atmosphere. The effectiveness of deodorization may vary depending on factors such as the intensity and source of odor, duration of treatment, and the specific methods or products employed.

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Etymology of DEODORIZED

The word "deodorized" is derived from the combination of two roots: "de-" and "odor".

The prefix "de-" comes from Latin and carries the meaning of "removal" or "reversal". It is commonly used to form words that indicate the opposite or absence of something. In this case, "de-" suggests the removal or elimination of odor.

The second part, "odor", also originates from Latin through the word "odor" (meaning smell or scent). The root "odor" illustrates the concept of smell.

By combining the prefix "de-" with the root "odor", the word "deodorized" is formed, which means the process of neutralizing or removing odor from something.

Similar spelling words for DEODORIZED

Conjugate verb Deodorized


I would deodorize
we would deodorize
you would deodorize
he/she/it would deodorize
they would deodorize


I will deodorize
we will deodorize
you will deodorize
he/she/it will deodorize
they will deodorize


I will have deodorized
we will have deodorized
you will have deodorized
he/she/it will have deodorized
they will have deodorized


I deodorized
we deodorized
you deodorized
he/she/it deodorized
they deodorized


I had deodorized
we had deodorized
you had deodorized
he/she/it had deodorized
they had deodorized


I deodorize
we deodorize
you deodorize
he/she/it deodorizes
they deodorize


I have deodorized
we have deodorized
you have deodorized
he/she/it has deodorized
they have deodorized
I am deodorizing
we are deodorizing
you are deodorizing
he/she/it is deodorizing
they are deodorizing
I was deodorizing
we were deodorizing
you were deodorizing
he/she/it was deodorizing
they were deodorizing
I will be deodorizing
we will be deodorizing
you will be deodorizing
he/she/it will be deodorizing
they will be deodorizing
I have been deodorizing
we have been deodorizing
you have been deodorizing
he/she/it has been deodorizing
they have been deodorizing
I had been deodorizing
we had been deodorizing
you had been deodorizing
he/she/it had been deodorizing
they had been deodorizing
I will have been deodorizing
we will have been deodorizing
you will have been deodorizing
he/she/it will have been deodorizing
they will have been deodorizing
I would have deodorized
we would have deodorized
you would have deodorized
he/she/it would have deodorized
they would have deodorized
I would be deodorizing
we would be deodorizing
you would be deodorizing
he/she/it would be deodorizing
they would be deodorizing
I would have been deodorizing
we would have been deodorizing
you would have been deodorizing
he/she/it would have been deodorizing
they would have been deodorizing


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