Pronunciation: [diːˈə͡ʊdəɹˌa͡ɪzɪŋ] (IPA)

Deodorizing is spelled d-ee-o-d-o-r-i-z-i-n-g. The pronunciation of this word can be broken down with IPA phonetic transcription: dɪʊdəraɪzɪŋ. The first syllable is emphasized and contains a short "i" sound followed by a slightly longer "oo" vowel sound. The "d" and "r" sounds are pronounced separately, and the "o" in "or" has a schwa sound. The final syllables, "izing," are pronounced with a long "i" and a hard "z" sound. Overall, the spelling of this word accurately reflects its pronunciation.

DEODORIZING Meaning and Definition

  1. Deodorizing refers to the process of eliminating or reducing unpleasant odors or smells, particularly those resulting from sweat, body odor, bacteria growth, pet waste, food, or other sources. It involves using various techniques, substances, or products to neutralize, mask, or eliminate foul smells, leaving a more pleasant scent or odor-free environment in its place.

    In the context of cleaning or hygiene, deodorizing typically involves removing or neutralizing the root cause of the malodor rather than merely masking it. This can be achieved through the use of deodorizing agents such as sprays, powders, gels, or liquids, which often contain specially formulated chemical compounds or natural ingredients designed to target and break down the offensive compounds responsible for the unpleasant smell. These deodorizing products often work by altering the chemical composition of the odor molecules, rendering them less detectable or eliminating them entirely.

    Deodorizing can be applied to a variety of settings and objects such as fabrics, carpets, shoes, gloves, trash cans, refrigerators, bathrooms, vehicles, or even the air within a space. Specific techniques may involve washing, airing out, disinfecting, or applying deodorizing treatments to the affected materials or surfaces. The aim is to restore a clean and fresh scent or create a more pleasant atmosphere, promoting comfort, hygiene, and well-being while mitigating the impact of bad odors on individuals or their surroundings.

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Etymology of DEODORIZING

The word deodorizing is derived from the combination of two words: de- and odorize.

The prefix de- in English is often used to indicate a reversal or removal of something. In this case, it signifies the elimination or reduction of odor.

The word odorize is formed from the noun odor, which comes from the Middle French word odeur (meaning smell or odor) and the suffix -ize, derived from the Greek verb ending -izein, which indicates the process of making or causing something.

Therefore, when combined, deodorize means to remove or neutralize unpleasant smells or odors. Deodorizing is the present participle form of the verb deodorize.

Similar spelling words for DEODORIZING


Conjugate verb Deodorizing


I would deodorize
we would deodorize
you would deodorize
he/she/it would deodorize
they would deodorize


I will deodorize
we will deodorize
you will deodorize
he/she/it will deodorize
they will deodorize


I will have deodorized
we will have deodorized
you will have deodorized
he/she/it will have deodorized
they will have deodorized


I deodorized
we deodorized
you deodorized
he/she/it deodorized
they deodorized


I had deodorized
we had deodorized
you had deodorized
he/she/it had deodorized
they had deodorized


I deodorize
we deodorize
you deodorize
he/she/it deodorizes
they deodorize


I have deodorized
we have deodorized
you have deodorized
he/she/it has deodorized
they have deodorized
I am deodorizing
we are deodorizing
you are deodorizing
he/she/it is deodorizing
they are deodorizing
I was deodorizing
we were deodorizing
you were deodorizing
he/she/it was deodorizing
they were deodorizing
I will be deodorizing
we will be deodorizing
you will be deodorizing
he/she/it will be deodorizing
they will be deodorizing
I have been deodorizing
we have been deodorizing
you have been deodorizing
he/she/it has been deodorizing
they have been deodorizing
I had been deodorizing
we had been deodorizing
you had been deodorizing
he/she/it had been deodorizing
they had been deodorizing
I will have been deodorizing
we will have been deodorizing
you will have been deodorizing
he/she/it will have been deodorizing
they will have been deodorizing
I would have deodorized
we would have deodorized
you would have deodorized
he/she/it would have deodorized
they would have deodorized
I would be deodorizing
we would be deodorizing
you would be deodorizing
he/she/it would be deodorizing
they would be deodorizing
I would have been deodorizing
we would have been deodorizing
you would have been deodorizing
he/she/it would have been deodorizing
they would have been deodorizing


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