Pronunciation: [də͡ʊdˈɛkɐdˌaktɪlən] (IPA)

The word "dodecadactylon" is a mouthful, but its spelling does make sense once you break it down using IPA phonetic transcription. The word is made up of three parts: "dodeca", meaning twelve, "dactyl", meaning finger or toe, and "-on", used to denote a larger structure. When pronounced, the stress falls on the third syllable and each vowel sound is pronounced separately. The IPA transcription for "dodecadactylon" is /dɒdɪkəˈdæktɪlɒn/, which can help you master its spelling and pronunciation.

DODECADACTYLON Meaning and Definition

  1. "Dodecadactylon" is a term derived from Greek roots, composed of "dodeca-" meaning twelve, and "daktylon" meaning finger or toe. It refers to a specific anatomical condition or abnormality in which an organism possesses twelve fingers or twelve toes. This condition is considered a developmental anomaly and is extremely rare in humans as well as most animals.

    In cases where dodecadactylon occurs, an individual is born with an additional digit on each hand or foot, resulting in a total of twelve fingers or toes instead of the usual ten. These additional digits may be fully formed and functional, or they may be rudimentary and non-functional.

    The presence of dodecadactylon can have various implications on an individual's life. While the additional fingers or toes may provide some advantages in certain activities that require increased dexterity or balance, they can also present challenges related to mobility, finding comfortable footwear or gloves, and social acceptance.

    Due to its rarity, dodecadactylon is mostly of interest in medical literature and genetics research as it contributes to the study of limb development and abnormalities. Efforts have been made by medical professionals to understand the underlying genetic factors that contribute to this condition, as it can provide insight into the complex processes involved in limb formation during embryonic development.

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The word dodecadactylon is a combination of two Greek roots: dodeka meaning twelve and daktylon meaning finger or toe.


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