How Do You Spell DODECAGONS?

Pronunciation: [də͡ʊdˈɛkəɡənz] (IPA)

The word "dodecagons" is spelled with four syllables: doh-dek-uh-gonz. The first syllable "doh" is pronounced with a long o sound, followed by "dek" with a short e sound. The third syllable "uh" is pronounced with a schwa sound, and the final syllable "gonz" is pronounced with a long o sound followed by a z sound. A dodecagon is a polygon with twelve sides. It is important to spell words accurately to ensure clear communication and avoid misunderstandings.

DODECAGONS Meaning and Definition

  1. Dodecagons are regular polygons that possess twelve sides and twelve angles. They are two-dimensional geometric shapes that are characterized by their distinctive attributes and properties. Each side of a dodecagon is equal in length, and all interior angles of a dodecagon measure 150 degrees.

    Dodecagons exhibit bilateral symmetry, meaning that they can be divided into two equal halves by a single line of reflection. Moreover, they also possess rotational symmetry of order 12, implying that they can be rotated by an angle of 30 degrees to coincide with their original position 12 times during a full rotation.

    Dodecagons find applications in various fields, including mathematics, architecture, and art. Their regularity and symmetrical features make them appealing for aesthetic purposes. In architecture, dodecagons can be used as floor designs or incorporated into building facades to create unique and captivating visuals.

    In mathematics, dodecagons are studied as part of geometric and trigonometric principles, contributing to the understanding of angles, symmetry, and regular polygons. They are commonly used as examples and exercises to enhance geometric reasoning and problem-solving skills.

    Overall, dodecagons stand out as geometrical shapes with distinct characteristics and purposes, offering a fascinating subject of exploration and application in various fields.

Common Misspellings for DODECAGONS

  • sodecagons
  • xodecagons
  • codecagons
  • fodecagons
  • rodecagons
  • eodecagons
  • didecagons
  • dkdecagons
  • dldecagons
  • dpdecagons
  • d0decagons
  • d9decagons
  • dosecagons
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  • docecagons
  • dofecagons
  • dorecagons
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  • dodwcagons
  • dodscagons

Etymology of DODECAGONS

The word "dodecagon" is derived from two Greek words: "dodeka", meaning "twelve", and "gonia", meaning "angle" or "corner". In Greek, "gonia" is a generic word for "angle" or "corner" and is used to form names for polygons with a specific number of sides. Therefore, "dodecagon" literally means a polygon with twelve angles or twelve sides.


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