How Do You Spell DOODLED?

Pronunciation: [dˈuːdə͡ld] (IPA)

"Doodled" is a verb that means to draw or scribble aimlessly. The IPA phonetic transcription for "doodled" is [ˈduːdld], consisting of two syllables, with the stress on the first syllable. The first syllable is pronounced as "doo" with the long "oo" sound and the second syllable is pronounced as "dld", forming a double consonant cluster. The spelling of "doodled" is influenced by the root word "doodle" with the addition of the past tense suffix "-ed".

DOODLED Meaning and Definition

  1. Doodled is a term that refers to the act of drawing or sketching absent-mindedly. It is most commonly associated with creating small, random, and often silly or whimsical drawings or patterns on paper or any available surface, usually during moments of boredom or distraction. Doodling is typically done with a pen, pencil, or any other writing instrument, and the drawings are often characterized by quick, spontaneous strokes and minimal details.

    This term can also be used to describe the process of scribbling aimlessly or mindlessly writing words or phrases without any specific intention or purpose. Doodling can be seen as a form of subconscious expression, as it often reflects the doodler's thoughts, feelings, or daydreams. It is a way for individuals to occupy their hands and engage in a creative outlet while their attention is focused elsewhere.

    Doodling has been recognized as a means of stress relief or relaxation. It is believed to help individuals concentrate or retain information better during tasks that require focus, as it can improve cognitive performance and aid in memory retention. Moreover, doodling can serve as a form of artistic expression, potentially leading to the development of more elaborate and refined drawings or even becoming a hobby for some.

Common Misspellings for DOODLED

Etymology of DOODLED

The word "doodled" is actually derived from the noun "doodle". The etymology of "doodle" is uncertain, but it is thought to have originated in the early 17th century, possibly from the Low German term "dudeltopf" or "dodle". "Dudeltopf" referred to a simpleton or a fool, while "dodle" meant a foolish person or someone who is easily deceived. Over time, the term "doodle" came to be associated with aimless or trivial scribbling, leading to the verb form "doodle" or "doodling", which means to draw or scribble absentmindedly.

Similar spelling words for DOODLED

Conjugate verb Doodled


I would doodle
we would doodle
you would doodle
he/she/it would doodle
they would doodle


I will doodle
we will doodle
you will doodle
he/she/it will doodle
they will doodle


I will have doodled
we will have doodled
you will have doodled
he/she/it will have doodled
they will have doodled


I doodled
we doodled
you doodled
he/she/it doodled
they doodled


I had doodled
we had doodled
you had doodled
he/she/it had doodled
they had doodled


I doodle
we doodle
you doodle
he/she/it doodles
they doodle


I have doodled
we have doodled
you have doodled
he/she/it has doodled
they have doodled
I am doodling
we are doodling
you are doodling
he/she/it is doodling
they are doodling
I was doodling
we were doodling
you were doodling
he/she/it was doodling
they were doodling
I will be doodling
we will be doodling
you will be doodling
he/she/it will be doodling
they will be doodling
I have been doodling
we have been doodling
you have been doodling
he/she/it has been doodling
they have been doodling
I had been doodling
we had been doodling
you had been doodling
he/she/it had been doodling
they had been doodling
I will have been doodling
we will have been doodling
you will have been doodling
he/she/it will have been doodling
they will have been doodling
I would have doodled
we would have doodled
you would have doodled
he/she/it would have doodled
they would have doodled
I would be doodling
we would be doodling
you would be doodling
he/she/it would be doodling
they would be doodling
I would have been doodling
we would have been doodling
you would have been doodling
he/she/it would have been doodling
they would have been doodling


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