How Do You Spell DRAFTING?

Pronunciation: [dɹˈaftɪŋ] (IPA)

Drafting is a word that is spelled with the letter "f" but pronounced with a "ft" sound. The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is /ˈdræftɪŋ/. The sound of the letter "f" is represented by the phoneme /f/ in English, but in the case of "drafting," it is pronounced as a voiceless "v" sound, which is represented by the phoneme /ft/. This irregularity can make spelling and pronunciation challenging for English language learners. Despite this peculiarity, "drafting" remains an important term in the fields of architecture, engineering, and design.

DRAFTING Meaning and Definition

  1. Drafting refers to the process of creating a technical drawing or blueprint that accurately portrays the dimensions, layout, and various specifications of an object or structure. It is commonly used in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and design fields to convey ideas and serve as a guideline for constructing and fabricating physical objects.

    In drafting, precise measurement and attention to detail are essential. The drafter typically uses specialized tools such as rulers, protractors, compasses, and drafting software to create detailed and accurate representations of the object being drafted. The drawing may include multiple views, such as front, rear, top, bottom, and side perspectives, as well as various annotations, dimensions, and symbols to provide necessary information for construction or fabrication.

    Drafting can also refer to the act of making an initial version or plan of a document, project, or idea. In this context, it involves outlining, organizing, and structuring the content or layout before refining it further. It serves as a preliminary step to gather thoughts, analyze information, and establish a framework that can be later expanded upon and polished.

    Overall, drafting is a fundamental skill utilized in various fields that involves creating precise, detailed drawings or plans to effectively communicate ideas, convey information, and guide the construction or fabrication of objects or structures.

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Etymology of DRAFTING

The word "drafting" has an interesting etymology. It comes from the Old English word "draught", which means "to pull, draw". This word was used to describe the action of pulling or drawing out a plan or sketch on paper. Over time, "draught" evolved into "draft", and the act of creating technical drawings or plans on paper came to be known as "drafting". The verb form "to draft" means to make a preliminary version of something, such as a document or design.

Similar spelling words for DRAFTING

Plural form of DRAFTING is DRAFTINGS

Conjugate verb Drafting


I would draft
we would draft
you would draft
he/she/it would draft
they would draft


I will draft
we will draft
you will draft
he/she/it will draft
they will draft


I will have drafted
we will have drafted
you will have drafted
he/she/it will have drafted
they will have drafted


I drafted
we drafted
you drafted
he/she/it drafted
they drafted


I had drafted
we had drafted
you had drafted
he/she/it had drafted
they had drafted


I draft
we draft
you draft
he/she/it drafts
they draft


I have drafted
we have drafted
you have drafted
he/she/it has drafted
they have drafted
I am drafting
we are drafting
you are drafting
he/she/it is drafting
they are drafting
I was drafting
we were drafting
you were drafting
he/she/it was drafting
they were drafting
I will be drafting
we will be drafting
you will be drafting
he/she/it will be drafting
they will be drafting
I have been drafting
we have been drafting
you have been drafting
he/she/it has been drafting
they have been drafting
I had been drafting
we had been drafting
you had been drafting
he/she/it had been drafting
they had been drafting
I will have been drafting
we will have been drafting
you will have been drafting
he/she/it will have been drafting
they will have been drafting
I would have drafted
we would have drafted
you would have drafted
he/she/it would have drafted
they would have drafted
I would be drafting
we would be drafting
you would be drafting
he/she/it would be drafting
they would be drafting
I would have been drafting
we would have been drafting
you would have been drafting
he/she/it would have been drafting
they would have been drafting


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