What is the correct spelling for DRIFING?

If you have mistakenly typed "drifing" instead of "drifting", don't worry; we all make spelling errors from time to time. To rectify it, consider suggestions like "driving", "drafting" or "diving". Paying a bit more attention to detail can help ensure accurate spelling in the future.

Correct spellings for DRIFING

  • briefing The CEO gave a briefing on the company's financial performance.
  • Deriding He was constantly deriding his classmates for their lack of knowledge.
  • deriving I am deriving great value from this experience.
  • diving I am nervous to go diving in the deep ocean, but I know it will be an amazing experience.
  • Doffing As the sun began to set, the farmer could be seen doffing his hat and heading back towards his farmhouse.
  • drafting The engineer spent the whole day drafting designs for the new building.
  • draining I found the whole process to be extremely draining.
  • drifting The clouds were slowly drifting across the sky.
  • driftings The driftings of the boat caused it to veer off course.
  • drilling The drilling operation caused significant disruption to the surrounding environment.
  • dripping The faucet in the kitchen was dripping all night, keeping me awake.
  • driving
  • Drying I hung my wet clothes outside for drying.
  • Duffing The Duffing oscillator is a popular mechanical system used to model nonlinear dynamics.
  • riffing We were riffing on old movie lines until we were literally in stitches.
  • Riving The woodworker was riving the logs into thin boards.
  • trifling The speaker refused to waste time discussing trifling issues and instead focused on the more important matters at hand.