How Do You Spell EMAILED?

Pronunciation: [ˈiːme͡ɪld] (IPA)

The word "emailed" is spelled with an "e" at the beginning, followed by "m", "a", and "i", which is pronounced as /iː/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The next syllable is "led", which is pronounced /lɛd/. The spelling of this word is straightforward and simple. It is commonly used in modern communication to refer to the act of sending an electronic mail. The verb "email" has become a universal term for this digital form of communication.

EMAILED Meaning and Definition

  1. Emailed, a verb form derived from the noun "email," refers to the act of sending electronic messages or information from one person to another through the email system. Email, short for electronic mail, is a widely-used method of communication that allows users to send messages instantaneously across the internet. This digital form of correspondence has become an essential part of daily life for individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments around the world.

    When someone emails another individual, they compose a message using an email client or web-based service, addressing it to the recipient's email address. The email may contain various elements such as text, images, files, hyperlinks, and attachments. Once the message is completed, the sender presses the "send" button, and the email is transmitted through the internet to the recipient's email server.

    Emailing offers numerous advantages over traditional forms of communication, including its speed, convenience, and versatility. It allows individuals to easily and efficiently communicate with others regardless of geographical location or time difference. Additionally, it provides a written record of conversations and serves as an efficient means for sharing documents and multimedia content.

    Overall, "emailed" encompasses the process of sending electronic messages using the email system, enabling efficient communication and information exchange in modern society.

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Etymology of EMAILED

The word "emailed" is derived from the noun "email" combined with the past tense suffix "-ed". The noun "email" itself is a shortened form of "electronic mail", which originated in the early 1970s as computer-based communication systems were developed. The term "email" was used to describe the exchange of messages and documents via electronic means. The use of the past tense suffix "-ed" to form "emailed" follows the regular pattern seen in English verbs.

Similar spelling words for EMAILED

Conjugate verb Emailed


I would email
we would email
you would email
he/she/it would email
they would email


I will email
we will email
you will email
he/she/it will email
they will email


I will have emailed
we will have emailed
you will have emailed
he/she/it will have emailed
they will have emailed


I emailed
we emailed
you emailed
he/she/it emailed
they emailed


I had emailed
we had emailed
you had emailed
he/she/it had emailed
they had emailed


I email
we email
you email
he/she/it emails
they email


I have emailed
we have emailed
you have emailed
he/she/it has emailed
they have emailed
I am emailing
we are emailing
you are emailing
he/she/it is emailing
they are emailing
I was emailing
we were emailing
you were emailing
he/she/it was emailing
they were emailing
I will be emailing
we will be emailing
you will be emailing
he/she/it will be emailing
they will be emailing
I have been emailing
we have been emailing
you have been emailing
he/she/it has been emailing
they have been emailing
I had been emailing
we had been emailing
you had been emailing
he/she/it had been emailing
they had been emailing
I will have been emailing
we will have been emailing
you will have been emailing
he/she/it will have been emailing
they will have been emailing
I would have emailed
we would have emailed
you would have emailed
he/she/it would have emailed
they would have emailed
I would be emailing
we would be emailing
you would be emailing
he/she/it would be emailing
they would be emailing
I would have been emailing
we would have been emailing
you would have been emailing
he/she/it would have been emailing
they would have been emailing


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