How Do You Spell ERODES?

Pronunciation: [ɪɹˈə͡ʊdz] (IPA)

The word "erodes" is spelled with four letters: e-r-o-d-e-s (/ɪˈrəʊdz/). The first sound is the short "i" sound, represented by the IPA symbol /ɪ/. The second sound is the "r" sound, which is pronounced by vibrating the tongue against the roof of the mouth. The third sound is the long "o" sound, which is represented by the IPA symbol /əʊ/. The fourth sound is the "d" sound, which is pronounced by touching the tongue to the upper teeth and releasing air. The fifth and final sound is the "s" sound, pronounced by making a hissing sound with the tongue and teeth.

ERODES Meaning and Definition

  1. The verb "erodes" refers to the gradual and often destructive process of wearing away or diminishing the surface of something, typically through continuous or repeated action of external factors. It denotes the gradual decay, deterioration, or erosion of a substance, material, or a particular concept.

    When used in a physical sense, erosion may be caused by agents such as wind, water, ice, or even human activities. For instance, a river can erode the riverbanks over time due to the constant flow of water, resulting in the removal and transportation of particles, and altering the shape of the landscape.

    In a metaphorical sense, the word "erodes" can describe the gradual wearing away or weakening of intangible elements such as trust, relationships, or values. It implies a gradual, often unnoticed process of decay that weakens the foundation or integrity of something. For example, repeated dishonesty can erode trust between individuals, undermining the bond and damaging their relationship.

    Furthermore, "erodes" can also be used to describe the gradual diminishing or weakening of a concept or belief. Over time, new information or experiences may cause erosion of long-held beliefs or practices, leading to a shift in perspective or abandonment of outdated ideas.

    Overall, "erodes" represents the gradual and often irreversible process of deterioration, decay, or weakening, be it in a physical sense or relating to abstract concepts.

Common Misspellings for ERODES

Etymology of ERODES

The word "erodes" comes from the Latin verb "erodere", which is derived from the combination of the prefix "e-" (meaning "out" or "away") and the verb "rodere" (meaning "to gnaw" or "to eat away"). The Latin word "erodere" itself stems from the Proto-Indo-European root "*red-", which also means "to gnaw" or "to scrape". Over time, this verb has evolved into the modern English term "erode", which refers to the gradual wearing away or gradual destruction of something, typically by wind, water, or other natural agents.

Similar spelling words for ERODES

Conjugate verb Erodes


I would erode
we would erode
you would erode
he/she/it would erode
they would erode


I will erode
we will erode
you will erode
he/she/it will erode
they will erode


I will have eroded
we will have eroded
you will have eroded
he/she/it will have eroded
they will have eroded


I eroded
we eroded
you eroded
he/she/it eroded
they eroded


I had eroded
we had eroded
you had eroded
he/she/it had eroded
they had eroded


I erode
we erode
you erode
he/she/it erodes
they erode


I have eroded
we have eroded
you have eroded
he/she/it has eroded
they have eroded
I am eroding
we are eroding
you are eroding
he/she/it is eroding
they are eroding
I was eroding
we were eroding
you were eroding
he/she/it was eroding
they were eroding
I will be eroding
we will be eroding
you will be eroding
he/she/it will be eroding
they will be eroding
I have been eroding
we have been eroding
you have been eroding
he/she/it has been eroding
they have been eroding
I had been eroding
we had been eroding
you had been eroding
he/she/it had been eroding
they had been eroding
I will have been eroding
we will have been eroding
you will have been eroding
he/she/it will have been eroding
they will have been eroding
I would have eroded
we would have eroded
you would have eroded
he/she/it would have eroded
they would have eroded
I would be eroding
we would be eroding
you would be eroding
he/she/it would be eroding
they would be eroding
I would have been eroding
we would have been eroding
you would have been eroding
he/she/it would have been eroding
they would have been eroding


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