What is the correct spelling for BATLING?

If you are encountering the misspelling "batling", there are a few correct suggestions you can consider. One possible correction is "batting", a term used in sports like baseball. Another option could be "battling", which refers to fighting or struggling against something. Verify the context to determine the most suitable correction.

Correct spellings for BATLING

  • Bailing
  • baiting John was accused of baiting his colleagues into an argument during the meeting.
  • balding He was self-conscious about his balding head and began wearing a hat everywhere.
  • Baling I am baling the sheets.
  • Balling
  • Bating
  • batting He has a great batting average this season.
  • Battling In the midst of the battling, flaming wreckage lay the bodies of two fallen combatants.
  • bawling The baby was bawling so loudly that the entire neighborhood could hear.
  • beating The sound of her beating heart filled the room.
  • beetling The beetling mountains in the distance looked ominous and foreboding.
  • biting The cold wind was biting, causing my skin to turn red and numb.
  • boating My family and I enjoy going boating on the weekends.
  • Bottling He spent the morning bottling a batch of homemade kombucha.
  • bustling She was busily bustling around the kitchen.
  • gatling The Gatling gun was invented by Richard Gatling.
  • Tabling We will be tabling our discussion until we have more information.