What is the correct spelling for JOYED?

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Correct spellings for JOYED

  • cowed
  • dyed
  • eyed The hand that he lifted to take his cigarette from his lips trembled, and the colonel eyed him with quiet amusement.
  • jaded Only two of them were discovered, and they fled so rapidly that it was useless for us to try to overtake them with our jaded horses.
  • joined When he had finished his breakfast he went round to the stables, where Dr. Ross joined him.
  • kayoed
  • keyed "I beg your pardon," he said, his voice keyed to a curious inflection.
  • Bayed I just simply stood pale, silent, bayed about.
  • Buoyed This hopefulness that the fine weather would end the war quickly was a splendid superstition which buoyed up many hearts in France.
  • Cloyed These pale blossoms were all very well-as magazine bait to capture the young girl reader of our smart periodical; but too many of them cloyed.
  • Gored Now and then a vivid zig-zag flash gored the intense darkness with its baleful blue death-light, followed by a crash, appalling as if the battlements of heaven had been shattered.
  • Guyed Have you ever seen a piece guyed?
  • Jawed She could not see it, for the light in the room behind had been extinguished also, but the dreadful sound of it made her think for a fleeting second of a great bull-stag being pulled down by a score of leaping, wide-jawed hounds.
  • Jibed More than once he criticized Shakespeare's writings; more than once jibed at Shakespeare, unfairly trying to wound him; but Shakespeare would not retort.
  • Jobbed The first move he makes, off to Sing Sing he goes, the way we jobbed Parker Hayes.
  • Jogged We've jogged along so peacefully these fifteen years-we ought to overlook a little thing like this!"
  • Joked I say again it is not a thing to be joked about," remarked the major, looking red.
  • Jotted When Mrs. James returned to the Cambridge house in the autumn, after he had died, and had occasion to open his desk copy of the Harvard Catalogue, she found these words jotted at the head of the Faculty List: "A thousand regrets cover every beloved name."
  • Joyed My mind, I must needs remember, has been very much eased and joyed at my Lord's great expressions of kindness this day, and in discourse thereupon my wife and I lay awake an hour or two in our bed.
  • toyed While her own heart slept, she could not understand the aching disquiet of others that she toyed with.
  • Yoked The oxen were soon yoked to, the horses saddled, and we continued our journey across the boundless plain.
  • Cooed "Then don't think of it, dear Mrs. Ralston," cooed Claire.
  • Coped He had got beyond the range of his experience; defence, denial, tears, he could have understood and coped with.
  • Jared But Prescott had received encouragement in his moods of doubt from Jared Sparks, at that time one of the most scientific American students of history.
  • Jed But Jed didn't notice the effect, and went on with the telling.
  • COED
  • ConEd
  • CODED Two additional amino acids are in some species coded for by codons that are usually interpreted as stop codons: In addition to the specific amino acid codes, placeholders are used in cases where chemical or crystallographic analysis of a peptide or protein cannot conclusively determine the identity of a residue.
  • japed
  • cored
  • coyer
  • coked
  • payed
  • dis-unified
  • fargoing
  • head-liners

14 words made from the letters JOYED

  • 4 letter words made from JOYED:

    dejo, deyo, doje, jdey, odey, yedo, yoed.
  • 5 letter words made from JOYED:

  • 3 letter words made from JOYED:

    doe, dye, edo, joy, ode, oed.