What is the correct spelling for KURIOM?

If you have misspelled "kuriom", here are some possible correct suggestions that you may have intended: "curium", an element on the periodic table; "curiom", a surname; or "curium", the name of a fictional character. Double-check your intended context to ensure the correct spelling and meaning.

Correct spellings for KURIOM

  • curio
  • curios The antique shop was filled with all sorts of curios and oddities.
  • curium Curium is a synthetic element with the symbol Cm and atomic number 96.
  • Karim Karim is my best friend and I cannot imagine my life without him.
  • Purim Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated in late winter/early spring.
  • purism My friend's strict adherence to grammar purism often makes her come across as harsh and unforgiving.