What is the correct spelling for SKAKESPEAR?

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Correct spellings for SKAKESPEAR

  • caspar "You know Caspar"-the brows of the mother and sculptor were thunderous-"you know that Mr. Arthmann is a very clever sculptor, and is a great reader of faces and character.
  • jasper You always were a sensible jasper.
  • scalper Another is Moral Emblems; a Collection of Cuts and Verses, by R. L. Stevenson, author of the Blue Scalper, etc.
  • scamper Along one of the footpaths the young man tramped, occasionally stopping for a moment to look up at the sky which shone redly through the openings of the trees or to watch some frightened hare scamper across the glade.
  • scarper
  • scraper They are mere wooden neckrests, and European travellers who have tried them declare that it is like trying to go to sleep with your head hanging over a wooden door-scraper.
  • sequester The hand, which he makes use of to sequester ancient rights, and to open a way to the desert over the fruitful land.
  • skipper As skipper of the first robot-owned rocket, I'm entitled to marry couples in deep space at their request.
  • stakes The stakes for which Mr. Skinner and his companions played were small; but his usual good fortune seemed to have deserted him of late, for he had lost again and again.
  • suggester Oh, I'm some smooth suggester, I am, when you get into fireside diplomacy.
  • Skies Now, it happened that the day was a specially fine one, for the skies, after crying so many tears, had cleared up, the sun had come out, and the few flowers that were left held up their heads gayly and tried to forget the storm through which they had lived and the winter days which were before them.
  • snakes But he tore up snakes, and said he's gunta hosswhip me, 'n' come put nigh hittin' me.
  • sages Our sages saw that long ago.
  • quakes Then a dark vapour rises above the tops of the green elms, and the old walls tremble and the earth itself quakes beneath the pressure of the iron giant, while the atmosphere is tainted with the smell of cotton-waste and oil.
  • slakes Is parchment, then, the holy well-spring, thinkest, A draught from which thy thirst forever slakes?
  • skycaps
  • scampers When the child scatters her toys and playthings all over the room, the natural penalty is to require that they be gathered up and the room made tidy; when the boy scampers across the newly-cleaned floor with his muddy boots, he should be made to mop up the floor carefully; thus in a thousand similar ways, the parent may train the child to observe care and order in everything done.
  • soaks The spores may be caught on a thin, absorbent paper, and the paper then be floated on the fixative in a shallow vessel until it soaks through and comes in contact with the spores.
  • saxes The evening before my departure he arrived in company with two other gentlemen, a Mr. Talbot and a Mr. Saxes, whose names were spoken with respect in a sphere of which I had hitherto taken but little cognizance-Wall Street.
  • skippers I think there is a little bribe which the skippers get for seeing that the men go to the shop.
  • sexier
  • Sykes Mis' Sykes took my hands.
  • skaters "Walking up to see the skaters on the park lagoon.
  • cakes But what does he know about cakes?
  • skates The air began to sing by Hetty's temples; her skates kept a humming tune with her lover's.
  • scalpers Her face smiled at you from every nook and corner-and it was a pretty face, too-and you had to get your tickets of the scalpers if you wanted to see her in person any night in the week, Sundays excepted.
  • de-legations
  • deservings
  • ex-probation
  • footslogged
  • un-building