How Do You Spell OUVAROVITE?

Ouvarovite is a rare mineral that has an unusual spelling, which may be confusing. The correct pronunciation of Ouvarovite is /uːˈvɑːrəvaɪt/. The first two letters "ou" represent a dipthong, pronounced like "oo." The "v" in the middle of the word sounds like an "f" in many languages, while the final two letters "ite" indicate that it is a type of mineral. This word is named in honor of Count Sergei Semenovitch Uvarov, a Russian statesman and mineral collector.

Common Misspellings for OUVAROVITE

  • iuvarovite
  • kuvarovite
  • luvarovite
  • puvarovite
  • 0uvarovite
  • 9uvarovite
  • oyvarovite
  • ohvarovite
  • ojvarovite
  • oivarovite
  • o8varovite
  • o7varovite
  • oucarovite
  • oubarovite
  • ougarovite
  • oufarovite
  • ouvzrovite
  • ouvsrovite
  • ouvwrovite
  • ouvqrovite

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