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Pronunciation: [kabˈɑːlə] (IPA)

Qabbala, also spelled Kabbalah or Cabala, is a term used to describe a mystical branch of Judaism that focuses on the esoteric interpretation of ancient Hebrew scriptures. The pronunciation of the word is typically transcribed in IPA as /kəˈbɑːlə/, with stress on the second syllable. The spelling of the word can vary due to differences among transliteration systems and regional pronunciations. However, the core concepts of Qabbala remain consistent across its various spellings and interpretations.

QABBALA Meaning and Definition

  1. Qabbala, also spelled Kabbalah or Cabala, is a mystical and esoteric tradition rooted in Judaism that seeks to explain the nature of the universe and the human existence within it. The term "Qabbala" comes from the Hebrew word "qabbalah," which means "tradition" or "reception," indicating that the knowledge and teachings of this mystical system have been passed down through generations.

    Often considered a form of Jewish mysticism, Qabbala explores the divine realm, the creation of the world, and humanity's connection to the divine. It emphasizes the study and interpretation of sacred texts like the Torah and other mystical writings, aiming to uncover hidden meanings and gain insights into spiritual truths.

    Qabbala employs a complex and multi-layered system of symbols, numerology, and meditation practices, often using diagrams such as the Tree of Life to illustrate the metaphysical structure of the universe. It delves into concepts such as divine emanation, the interconnectedness of all things, the nature of the soul, and the process of spiritual enlightenment.

    While traditionally associated with Judaism, Qabbala has also influenced various other religious and philosophical traditions, such as Christian mysticism, Hermeticism, and New Age spirituality. In modern times, Qabbala has gained popularity outside the Jewish community, attracting individuals seeking spiritual and personal growth, as well as those interested in its philosophical and occult aspects.

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Etymology of QABBALA

The word "Qabbala" is derived from the Hebrew word "Qabbalah", which means "receiving" or "tradition". The term originally referred to a traditional mystical and esoteric discipline and school of thought within Judaism. It is also spelled as "Kabbalah" or "Cabala" in different contexts. The etymology of "Qabbalah" is believed to come from the Hebrew root "QBL", which means "to receive" or "to accept". This reflects the idea of receiving hidden knowledge and teachings passed down from ancient sources.

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