How Do You Spell QADAR?

Pronunciation: [kˈadə] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "Qadar" can be a bit tricky for non-native speakers of Arabic. It is spelled using the Arabic letters ق (qaf), د (dal), and ر (ra). The qaf is pronounced as a deep throaty "q" sound, the dal is pronounced as a "d" sound, and the ra is pronounced as a rolled "r". In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), the pronunciation of "Qadar" would be represented as /qa.dar/. Despite its difficult spelling, "Qadar" is an important concept in Islamic theology, referring to the idea of predestination or divine fate.

QADAR Meaning and Definition

Qadar is an Arabic term that is often translated as "predestination" or "divine decree." Rooted in Islamic theology, the concept refers to the belief that everything that occurs in the universe is part of God's predetermined plan. It encompasses the idea that all events and circumstances, both good and bad, are ultimately under the control and foresight of God.

Qadar is seen as an encompassing principle, including the belief that God has complete knowledge of all that has happened, is happening, and will happen in the Universe. It acknowledges that human beings possess free will and are responsible for their actions, yet it asserts that these actions occur within the framework of God's divine decree.

Islamic scholars have debated and delved into theological discussions on the concept of Qadar. Different schools of thought have emerged, with some emphasizing the predestination aspect more strongly, while others emphasize the role of human choice and accountability. However, the fundamental belief in Qadar remains central to the Islamic faith, and it is viewed as an essential aspect of God's all-encompassing knowledge and power.

The concept of Qadar provides comfort to believers, as it assures them that everything happens according to God's divine plan, even if the reasons may not always be apparent to human beings. It encourages trust and submission to God's will, while also highlighting the importance of human agency and responsibility.

Common Misspellings for QADAR

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Etymology of QADAR

The word "Qadar" is of Arabic origin. It comes from the root verb "Qadara" (قدر), which means "to measure", "to decree", or "to determine". In Islamic theology, the term "Qadar" refers to predestination or divine destiny. It is the belief that everything that happens in the world, both good and bad, occurs according to the predetermined will of God.


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