How Do You Spell REVEAL?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪvˈiːl] (IPA)

The word "reveal" is pronounced /rɪˈviːl/ and spelled with the letter "ea" which makes the "ee" sound. This is because "ea" is a vowel digraph, which means two vowel letters work together to make one sound. In this case, the "e" and "a" work together to make the long "ee" sound. It is important to pay attention to vowel digraphs when spelling words correctly. "Reveal" means to make something known or visible that was previously hidden or secret.

REVEAL Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "reveal" can be defined as a verb that denotes the action of making something known or visible that was previously concealed, hidden, or unknown. It entails the act of uncovering or exposing information, facts, or truths that were previously undisclosed or secret. To reveal is to bring to light something that was previously obscured or kept private.

    In the context of communication, revealing often involves sharing personal thoughts, emotions, or experiences with others, allowing them to see a more intimate or vulnerable side. This act of unveiling one's true self can facilitate deeper connections and understanding in relationships.

    Reveal can also refer to the act of showing or displaying something that was previously unseen or unnoticed. This could be unveiling a surprise, exposing a secret, or displaying an artistic creation. In this sense, reveal implies a sense of revelation or discovery, bringing new knowledge or awareness to others.

    Apart from personal and physical contexts, reveal is frequently used in the realm of storytelling, literature, or film. It highlights pivotal moments when plot twists, surprises, or key information is disclosed, altering the audience's perception or understanding of the narrative.

    Overall, reveal encapsulates the act of making known, showing, or exposing something previously hidden, secret, or undisclosed, whether it be personal, physical, or narrative-related. It involves an element of discovery, disclosure, and unveiling.

  2. To uncover; to lay bare or open; to make known something before concealed.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of REVEAL

The word "reveal" has its origins in the Old French term "reveeler" which meant "to unveil, disclose, or reveal". This was derived from the Latin word "revelare", which had a similar meaning. "Revelare" was a combination of the Latin prefix "re-" (meaning "back", "again", or "intensively") and the verb "velare" (meaning "to cover" or "to veil"). Thus, the etymology of "reveal" suggests the act of removing a covering or veil to expose or make something known or visible.

Idioms with the word REVEAL

  • reveal sm or sth to sm The idiom "reveal something to someone" means to disclose or make known something to someone that was previously kept secret or hidden.
  • reveal (one's) (true) colors The idiom "reveal (one's) (true) colors" means to show one's true character, intentions, or beliefs, especially when they are different from what was previously seen or expected. It refers to a situation where someone's true nature is unveiled or exposed, often revealing their dishonesty, hypocrisy, or true motives.
  • reveal (one's) (true) stripes The idiom "reveal (one's) (true) stripes" means to uncover or display one's true character, intentions, or nature, often showing negative or hidden qualities that were previously unknown or unsuspected. It implies that someone's true identity or motives have been exposed, revealing their genuine nature or true colors.
  • reveal (one's) hand The idiom "reveal (one's) hand" means to expose one's true intentions or plans, often referring to disclosing important information or strategies that were previously concealed. It is derived from the analogy of playing cards, where revealing one's hand in a game of poker indicates openness and honesty about the cards one holds. In a broader sense, the expression suggests being transparent and not keeping secrets, especially in a situation where trust or decision-making is involved.
  • show/reveal your hand To show or reveal your hand means to disclose your true intentions or plans, particularly in a strategic or competitive situation. It is often used in situations where someone is being transparent or honest about their motives or goals.

Similar spelling words for REVEAL

Conjugate verb Reveal


I would have revealed
you would have revealed
he/she/it would have revealed
we would have revealed
they would have revealed
I would have reveal
you would have reveal
he/she/it would have reveal
we would have reveal
they would have reveal


I would have been revealing
you would have been revealing
he/she/it would have been revealing
we would have been revealing
they would have been revealing


I would reveal
you would reveal
he/she/it would reveal
we would reveal
they would reveal


I would be revealing
you would be revealing
he/she/it would be revealing
we would be revealing
they would be revealing


I will reveal
you will reveal
he/she/it will reveal
we will reveal
they will reveal


I will be revealing
you will be revealing
he/she/it will be revealing
we will be revealing
they will be revealing


I will have revealed
you will have revealed
he/she/it will have revealed
we will have revealed
they will have revealed


I will have been revealing
you will have been revealing
he/she/it will have been revealing
we will have been revealing
they will have been revealing


you reveal
we let´s reveal


to reveal


I was revealing
you were revealing
he/she/it was revealing
we were revealing
they were revealing




I had revealed
you had revealed
he/she/it had revealed
we had revealed
they had revealed


I had been revealing
you had been revealing
he/she/it had been revealing
we had been revealing
they had been revealing


I reveal
you reveal
he/she/it reveals
we reveal
they reveal


I am revealing
you are revealing
he/she/it is revealing
we are revealing
they are revealing




I have revealed
you have revealed
he/she/it has revealed
we have revealed
they have revealed


I have been revealing
you have been revealing
he/she/it has been revealing
we have been revealing
they have been revealing


he/she/it reveal


I revealed
you revealed
he/she/it revealed
we revealed
they revealed


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