How Do You Spell TABBIES?

Pronunciation: [tˈabɪz] (IPA)

Tabbies is a plural noun that refers to cats with distinctive striped fur. The correct spelling of this word is /ˈtæbiz/. The "a" is pronounced as a short vowel sound /æ/, and the "b" is pronounced as a voiced consonant /b/. The "-ies" ending is pronounced as a long "e" sound /iz/ and is added to the end of the base word "tabby". This spelling is common in English and can be used to correctly refer to striped cats of various breeds.

TABBIES Meaning and Definition

  1. Tabbies are a type of domestic cat characterized by their distinctive coat pattern known as "tabby". The term "tabby" usually refers to the pattern, coloration, and markings found on a cat's fur. Tabbies are known for having a coat adorned with parallel dark stripes, usually featuring a blotched or marbled pattern. These stripes can be seen on their body, legs, tail, and even sometimes on their face. The most common colors seen in tabbies include brown, gray, and orange, but other variations can also occur.

    Apart from their coat pattern, tabbies are also known for their distinct personality traits. They are often considered to be highly intelligent, outgoing, and engaging cats. Tabbies are generally friendly and sociable animals, making them suitable companions for humans. They tend to be playful, curious, and enjoy interactive activities with their owners. Many tabbies are also known for their vocalization and can be quite chatty, expressing their feelings or seeking attention through meowing.

    The term "tabbies" is used both as a noun to refer to cats with the tabby pattern and as an adjective to describe the pattern itself. Tabbies come in various breeds, including the American Shorthair, Maine Coon, and Bengal, among others. These cats have been popular throughout history and are commonly found in many households as beloved pets due to their unique coat pattern and engaging personality traits.

Common Misspellings for TABBIES

Etymology of TABBIES

The word "tabbies" is derived from the word "tabby", which originally referred to a type of silk fabric. The term "tabby" was first used in the 1630s and originated from the French word "tabis", which meant a rich, watered silk fabric. This fabric was often striped or wavy, resembling the pattern found on some cats' coats. Over time, the term "tabby" came to be associated with the feline coat pattern consisting of a mottled or stripy appearance, and "tabbies" began to refer specifically to cats with this pattern.


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