How Do You Spell TALLYING?

Pronunciation: [tˈalɪɪŋ] (IPA)

Tallying (/ˈtæliɪŋ/) is the process of counting or adding up numbers. The spelling of this word is derived from the word "tally," which means to keep a record or account. The "ing" suffix is added to indicate that the action of tallying is ongoing or in progress. The first syllable "tal" is pronounced with a short "a" sound, followed by a long "e" sound in the second syllable "-ly." The stress is on the second syllable, indicated by the stress mark (ˈ) before "ly."

TALLYING Meaning and Definition

  1. Tallying refers to the process of counting, calculating, or recording numbers or quantities, typically in a systematic and organized manner. It involves the act of adding up or summarizing numerical data to provide a total or a score. Tallying can be performed manually using a tally sheet or electronically with the aid of computing devices and specialized software.

    In various fields such as business, finance, statistics, and mathematics, tallying plays a crucial role in analyzing data, assessing performance, and obtaining accurate results. It is commonly employed in tasks like budgeting, inventory management, sales analysis, sports scoring, opinion polls, and many others.

    The process of tallying involves observing or receiving individual items or values and incrementing a running count or total based on the appearance of each item. This could be achieved through checkmarks, slashes, or other symbols on a tally sheet, or by inputting data directly into a digital system. Tallying ensures accuracy by preventing double counting and providing an organized overview of information.

    Furthermore, tallying often involves different types of operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, depending on the context and purpose. It enables individuals or organizations to keep track of numerical values, compare data, identify patterns, make informed decisions, and evaluate progress towards goals.

    In conclusion, tallying is a fundamental process of counting, calculating, and recording numbers or quantities. It is employed across various sectors to collect and interpret data, providing essential insights for analysis and decision-making purposes.

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Etymology of TALLYING

The word "tallying" is derived from the Old English word "taligian", which means "to count" or "to reckon". This Old English term is related to the Proto-Germanic word "tala", meaning "number" or "calculation". Over time, "taligian" evolved into "tallien" in Middle English and eventually became "tally" in Modern English. "Tallying" is the present participle form of "tally", indicating the ongoing action of counting or keeping a record.

Plural form of TALLYING is TALLYINGS

Conjugate verb Tallying


I would tally
we would tally
you would tally
he/she/it would tally
they would tally


I will tally
we will tally
you will tally
he/she/it will tally
they will tally


I will have tallied
we will have tallied
you will have tallied
he/she/it will have tallied
they will have tallied


I tallied
we tallied
you tallied
he/she/it tallied
they tallied


I had tallied
we had tallied
you had tallied
he/she/it had tallied
they had tallied


I tally
we tally
you tally
he/she/it tallies
they tally


I have tallied
we have tallied
you have tallied
he/she/it has tallied
they have tallied
I am tallying
we are tallying
you are tallying
he/she/it is tallying
they are tallying
I was tallying
we were tallying
you were tallying
he/she/it was tallying
they were tallying
I will be tallying
we will be tallying
you will be tallying
he/she/it will be tallying
they will be tallying
I have been tallying
we have been tallying
you have been tallying
he/she/it has been tallying
they have been tallying
I had been tallying
we had been tallying
you had been tallying
he/she/it had been tallying
they had been tallying
I will have been tallying
we will have been tallying
you will have been tallying
he/she/it will have been tallying
they will have been tallying
I would have tallied
we would have tallied
you would have tallied
he/she/it would have tallied
they would have tallied
I would be tallying
we would be tallying
you would be tallying
he/she/it would be tallying
they would be tallying
I would have been tallying
we would have been tallying
you would have been tallying
he/she/it would have been tallying
they would have been tallying


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