How Do You Spell TODDLED?

Pronunciation: [tˈɒdə͡ld] (IPA)

The word "Toddled" is spelled with two d's as it consists of a double consonant. The IPA phonetic transcription for "Toddled" is /ˈtɒdəld/. The first syllable is pronounced as "tod", with the vowel sound represented by the symbol /ɒ/ and the letter "d" being pronounced as /d/. The second syllable is pronounced as "duld", with the vowel sound represented by the symbol /ə/ and the two letters "d" pronounced as /d/. This word is commonly used to describe the unsteady walking of young children.

TODDLED Meaning and Definition

  1. Toddled is a verb that refers to the act of walking or moving unsteadily, often with short, unsteady steps. It is commonly used to describe the way young children, typically between the ages of one and three, move as they are learning to walk and still lack stability and coordination. When a child toddles, their steps are wobbly, irregular, and hesitant, as they are still developing their motor skills and balance.

    The term "toddled" is also used figuratively to describe the way adults or animals move in a similar unsteady, wobbly manner. This could be due to physical impairment, injury, or old age, which affects their ability to walk with stability. It connotes a sense of vulnerability, as the individual in question may require assistance or support to move around safely.

    Furthermore, "toddled" can be used metaphorically to describe any person's unconfident or uncertain movement, regardless of age. In this context, it implies a lack of sureness, self-assurance, or experience in the task at hand. It is often employed in describing actions or behaviors that are unsteady, clumsy, or inexperienced.

    Overall, the term "toddled" describes a particular style of walking or moving characterized by instability, lack of balance, and hesitation, often associated with toddlers learning to walk as well as adult individuals or animals with impaired mobility.

Common Misspellings for TODDLED

Etymology of TODDLED

The word "toddled" is derived from the verb "toddle". The etymology of "toddle" can be traced back to the Middle English word "todelen", which meant to totter or walk unsteadily. It originated from an Old English word "toddel", meaning a small child or a young one. The verb "toddle" specifically emerged in the 17th century, referring to the unsteady, wobbly way young children walk when they are just starting to learn to walk independently.

Conjugate verb Toddled


I would toddle
we would toddle
you would toddle
he/she/it would toddle
they would toddle


I will toddle
we will toddle
you will toddle
he/she/it will toddle
they will toddle


I will have toddled
we will have toddled
you will have toddled
he/she/it will have toddled
they will have toddled


I toddled
we toddled
you toddled
he/she/it toddled
they toddled


I had toddled
we had toddled
you had toddled
he/she/it had toddled
they had toddled


I toddle
we toddle
you toddle
he/she/it toddles
they toddle


I have toddled
we have toddled
you have toddled
he/she/it has toddled
they have toddled
I am toddling
we are toddling
you are toddling
he/she/it is toddling
they are toddling
I was toddling
we were toddling
you were toddling
he/she/it was toddling
they were toddling
I will be toddling
we will be toddling
you will be toddling
he/she/it will be toddling
they will be toddling
I have been toddling
we have been toddling
you have been toddling
he/she/it has been toddling
they have been toddling
I had been toddling
we had been toddling
you had been toddling
he/she/it had been toddling
they had been toddling
I will have been toddling
we will have been toddling
you will have been toddling
he/she/it will have been toddling
they will have been toddling
I would have toddled
we would have toddled
you would have toddled
he/she/it would have toddled
they would have toddled
I would be toddling
we would be toddling
you would be toddling
he/she/it would be toddling
they would be toddling
I would have been toddling
we would have been toddling
you would have been toddling
he/she/it would have been toddling
they would have been toddling


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