How Do You Spell WHATNOT?

Pronunciation: [wˈɒtnɒt] (IPA)

The word "whatnot" is a curious word with a unique spelling. Its pronunciation is /ˈwʌtnɒt/, with stress on the first syllable. The word is composed of two parts: "what" + "not". The "what" part is easy to recognize as a common question word, but the "not" part may cause confusion. In fact, "not" here means "and so on" or "whatever else there may be". Thus, "whatnot" refers to any miscellaneous things or items. Despite its unusual spelling, this term has been in use since the 16th century.

WHATNOT Meaning and Definition

  1. Whatnot is a noun that is commonly used to refer to miscellaneous or unidentified objects or things, often of little importance or significance. It can also denote a collection or assortment of various items, usually without specifying their nature or purpose.

    In a literal sense, whatnot can refer to an item that is difficult to name or describe accurately. It is often used when someone is unsure about what exactly to call something or when they do not want to provide a specific name or label. Additionally, whatnot may be employed to refer to a mixture of objects of diverse types, including but not limited to, books, papers, tools, or decorations.

    As a colloquialism, whatnot is frequently used in conversation to indicate that there are additional or unspecified things considered to be part of a certain category or class. For instance, it can be employed to mention various miscellaneous items related to a particular topic without specifying each one individually.

    Overall, whatnot is a versatile term that can encompass a wide range of undefined objects or unspecified elements. Its usage serves to represent things that are not crucial to a particular context or things that may be difficult to name or categorize precisely.

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Etymology of WHATNOT

The word "whatnot" originated in the 16th century. Its etymology is a combination of the pronoun "what" and the noun "not". The term was created to refer to unspecified or non-specific things or objects, implying an inclusion of various other items without explicitly naming them. Over time, it evolved to serve as a noun itself, meaning a collection or assortment of miscellaneous items or things. The word has become a colloquial expression used to refer to miscellaneous objects or unspecified additional things.

Idioms with the word WHATNOT

  • and whatnot The idiom "and whatnot" is used to refer to unspecified additional things, people, or activities that are similar or related to those already mentioned. It implies a broad or inclusive category, often used to summarize or generalize a list or series of items or concepts without specifically naming them.

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Plural form of WHATNOT is WHATNOTS


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