How Do You Spell YOCASTA?

Pronunciation: [jˈɒkastə] (IPA)

The name "Yocasta" is spelled with a "Y" instead of the more common "J" because it is a Spanish name. In IPA phonetic transcription, the spelling of Yocasta would be jokaːsta. The first sound, represented by the letter "j," is a voiced velar fricative, similar to the "ch" sound in the English word "loch." The second syllable is pronounced with a long "a" sound, followed by the "s" and "t" sounds. Yocasta is a unique and beautiful name with a rich cultural history.

YOCASTA Meaning and Definition

  1. Yocasta is a proper noun that is commonly used as a feminine given name. It is derived from the Greek mythological character Jocasta, also spelled as Iocasta or Jokasta. In Greek mythology, Jocasta was a daughter of Menoeceus and the wife of Laius, the King of Thebes. According to the legend, Jocasta and Laius had a son named Oedipus.

    The name Yocasta is often associated with the tragic story of Oedipus, as Jocasta was not aware that her husband was actually her own son. The prophecy of Oedipus killing his father and marrying his mother led Laius to abandon him at birth, but fate brought him back to Thebes, leading to the tragic revelation.

    The name Yocasta represents strength, resilience, and tragedy. Its usage may symbolize the themes of destiny, fate, and the complexity of human emotions. This name is often given to girls with the hope that they embody the qualities of determination, love, and endurance in the face of adversity.

    Yocasta is a name that has transcended its mythological origins and has been adopted in various cultures and languages around the world. It is frequently used as a given name in Spanish-speaking countries, where it might also be spelled as Jocasta or Jocasta. Additionally, it has been used as a character name in literature and other forms of media, often portrayed as a strong and enigmatic woman.

Common Misspellings for YOCASTA

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Etymology of YOCASTA

The name "Yocasta" is derived from Greek mythology and is commonly associated with the character Jocasta from the play "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles. In Greek mythology, Jocasta was the wife and mother of Oedipus. However, the etymology of the name itself is uncertain. It is believed to have been derived from the Greek word "Iokaste", which translates to "violet-like", but the exact origin and meaning are still debated among scholars.


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