How Do You Spell ACCRUES?

Correct spelling for the English word "accrues" is [ɐkɹˈuːz], [ɐkɹˈuːz], [ɐ_k_ɹ_ˈuː_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for ACCRUES

Below is the list of 209 misspellings for the word "accrues".

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Anagrams of ACCRUES

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Usage Examples for ACCRUES

  1. The right of visitation, then, accrues to them, as a matter of property, by the gift, transfer, or appointment of the founder. - "Select Speeches of Daniel Webster" by Daniel Webster
  2. Part of this mulct accrues to the King or to the community, part to him whose wrongs are vindicated, or to his next kindred. - "Tacitus on Germany" by Tacitus

Conjugate verb Accrues


I would accrue
we would accrue
you would accrue
he/she/it would accrue
they would accrue


I will accrue
we will accrue
you will accrue
he/she/it will accrue
they will accrue


I will have accrued
we will have accrued
you will have accrued
he/she/it will have accrued
they will have accrued


I accrued
we accrued
you accrued
he/she/it accrued
they accrued


I had accrued
we had accrued
you had accrued
he/she/it had accrued
they had accrued


I accrue
we accrue
you accrue
he/she/it accrues
they accrue


I have accrued
we have accrued
you have accrued
he/she/it has accrued
they have accrued
I am accruing
we are accruing
you are accruing
he/she/it is accruing
they are accruing
I was accruing
we were accruing
you were accruing
he/she/it was accruing
they were accruing
I will be accruing
we will be accruing
you will be accruing
he/she/it will be accruing
they will be accruing
I have been accruing
we have been accruing
you have been accruing
he/she/it has been accruing
they have been accruing
I had been accruing
we had been accruing
you had been accruing
he/she/it had been accruing
they had been accruing
I will have been accruing
we will have been accruing
you will have been accruing
he/she/it will have been accruing
they will have been accruing
I would have accrued
we would have accrued
you would have accrued
he/she/it would have accrued
they would have accrued
I would be accruing
we would be accruing
you would be accruing
he/she/it would be accruing
they would be accruing
I would have been accruing
we would have been accruing
you would have been accruing
he/she/it would have been accruing
they would have been accruing