How Do You Spell ALLAYING?

Pronunciation: [ɐlˈe͡ɪɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "Allaying" is spelled with three syllables. The first syllable is pronounced as "uh-lay", followed by the second syllable pronounced as "ing". Finally, the last syllable is pronounced with a long "a" sound, like "aying". The IPA phonetic transcription for "Allaying" is əˈleɪɪŋ. This word refers to the act of calming or reducing someone's fears, concerns or anxieties. It is commonly used in the context of making someone feel better or reassured after a stressful situation.

ALLAYING Meaning and Definition

  1. Allaying is a verb that refers to the act of lessening or calming something, primarily in order to alleviate fear, worry, or irritation. It involves reducing the severity, intensity, or extent of a particular emotion, concern, or circumstance. The goal of allaying is to bring comfort, reassurance, or relief to an individual or a situation.

    When applied to emotions, allaying involves easing someone's distress or apprehension. It can be achieved through offering support, encouragement, or by providing information that dispels their fears. For example, a caregiver may try to allay a child's anxiety about a doctor's appointment by explaining that it will not be painful and that they will be there to hold their hand.

    In the context of concerns or worries, allaying entails addressing them in order to diminish their impact. This could be done by offering solutions or taking appropriate actions to resolve the issue. For instance, an employer may allay an employee's concerns about job security by explaining the company's long-term plans and providing reassurance regarding their position.

    Allaying can also be employed to mitigate irritation or annoyance caused by external factors. This may involve taking steps to minimize or eliminate the source of irritation, or finding ways to make it more bearable. A designer may allay customer complaints about uncomfortable furniture by introducing modifications that enhance comfort.

    Overall, allaying aims to alleviate negative feelings or concerns, promoting a sense of calm, satisfaction, or well-being. It involves actions, words, or interventions that mitigate distress, anxiety, or irritation by offering comfort, reassurance, or resolution.

Common Misspellings for ALLAYING

Etymology of ALLAYING

The word "allaying" is derived from the Middle English term "alaie", which can be traced back to the Old English term "alecgan". In Old English, "alecgan" meant "to put down or subdue". Over time, the word evolved and eventually became "alayen" in Middle English, which meant "to put to rest or calm". From there, it eventually took the form "allay" and gave rise to the present participle "allaying", which refers to the act of calming or soothing something.

Plural form of ALLAYING is ALLAYINGS

Conjugate verb Allaying


I would allay
we would allay
you would allay
he/she/it would allay
they would allay


I will allay
we will allay
you will allay
he/she/it will allay
they will allay


I will have allayed
we will have allayed
you will have allayed
he/she/it will have allayed
they will have allayed


I allayed
we allayed
you allayed
he/she/it allayed
they allayed


I had allayed
we had allayed
you had allayed
he/she/it had allayed
they had allayed


I allay
we allay
you allay
he/she/it allays
they allay


I have allayed
we have allayed
you have allayed
he/she/it has allayed
they have allayed
I am allaying
we are allaying
you are allaying
he/she/it is allaying
they are allaying
I was allaying
we were allaying
you were allaying
he/she/it was allaying
they were allaying
I will be allaying
we will be allaying
you will be allaying
he/she/it will be allaying
they will be allaying
I have been allaying
we have been allaying
you have been allaying
he/she/it has been allaying
they have been allaying
I had been allaying
we had been allaying
you had been allaying
he/she/it had been allaying
they had been allaying
I will have been allaying
we will have been allaying
you will have been allaying
he/she/it will have been allaying
they will have been allaying
I would have allayed
we would have allayed
you would have allayed
he/she/it would have allayed
they would have allayed
I would be allaying
we would be allaying
you would be allaying
he/she/it would be allaying
they would be allaying
I would have been allaying
we would have been allaying
you would have been allaying
he/she/it would have been allaying
they would have been allaying


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