How Do You Spell CODDLER?

Pronunciation: [kˈɒdlə] (IPA)

The word "coddler" is spelled with two D's, both of which are pronounced differently. The first D is pronounced as a voiced alveolar stop, as in the word "dad" (/dæd/). The second D is pronounced as a flap, which is a sound made by tapping the tongue against the roof of the mouth, as in the word "ladder" (/ˈlædər/). Therefore, the IPA phonetic transcription of "coddler" would be /ˈkɑd.lɚ/. So, the next time you spell "coddler", remember to pay attention to the two different D sounds!

CODDLER Meaning and Definition

  1. A coddler is a noun that refers to a person who excessively protects or pampers someone, often to the point of inhibiting their growth or independence. It can also describe an object or utensil specifically designed for the gentle cooking or warming of delicate or fragile food items.

    When used to describe a person, a coddler is often someone who shields or shelters another individual from experiencing or dealing with the harsh realities of life. This can be done out of a sense of overprotectiveness, extreme care, or a desire to maintain control. A coddler tends to enable dependence, hinder personal development, and discourage autonomy, as they tend to intervene in situations where their protection may not be necessary.

    In terms of cooking apparatus, a coddler refers to a small, covered dish or container that is used to cook or warm individual portions of delicate or fragile foods. It comprises of a heat-resistant container with a lid, typically made of porcelain or heat-resistant glass, designed to provide gentle heat or steam for the cooking process. Some common foods prepared using a coddler include eggs, fruits, and desserts, as they require a more delicate cooking method to preserve their integrity.

    Overall, the term "coddler" can describe both a person who excessively protects or pampers another and an object used for the gentle cooking or warming of fragile food items.

Common Misspellings for CODDLER

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  • cordler
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Etymology of CODDLER

The word "coddler" is derived from the verb "coddle", which dates back to the 16th century. "Coddle" originated from the Middle English word "codel", meaning "boil gently" or "parboil". This Middle English term ultimately traces back to the Old English word "codol", which has the same meaning.

The word "coddler" itself, referring to a person who coddles or treats something with gentle care, emerged in the early 19th century. It is worth noting that "coddler" also has a specific meaning in the context of cooking: it refers to a small cooking utensil used for lightly boiling or poaching eggs.

Similar spelling words for CODDLER

Plural form of CODDLER is CODDLERS


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