How Do You Spell CORDED?

Pronunciation: [kˈɔːdɪd] (IPA)

Corded is spelled with the letter combination "or" which makes the sound /ɔː/. The word also includes the letter combination "ed" which indicates that it is in the past tense. The IPA phonetic transcription of corded is /ˈkɔːdɪd/. Corded refers to something that has been tied with a cord or has a cord attached to it. The spelling of corded follows the common English spelling conventions and can be pronounced easily by understanding the sound of the letters within the word.

CORDED Meaning and Definition

  1. Corded is an adjective that refers to something that is connected or operated with the use of a cord, typically an electrical cord. It implies the presence of a cord or cable, which serves as a means of power supply or connectivity.

    In the context of technology or electronics, corded often describes devices or equipment that require a cord to function or operate. This could include corded telephones, corded power tools, corded appliances, or corded gaming controllers. These devices rely on an external power source or a physical connection to transfer energy or information through a cord.

    Additionally, corded can also represent the nature or composition of a material or fabric. It can describe items made from cord, a type of strong twisted string made from natural or synthetic fibers. Corded fabric refers to textiles woven or embroidered with cords, which can create a raised, textured, or linear pattern.

    The term corded may also have broader implications, describing anything created or arranged in a way that resembles or is reminiscent of cords. This can include hairstyles with decorative or styled cords of hair, decorative crafts involving the use of cords, or even certain architectural features that resemble cords in their appearance or structure.

    In summary, the adjective corded pertains to something that involves the use of cords for operation or connection, be it electrical devices, fabrics, designs, or other related aspects.

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Etymology of CORDED

The word "corded" is derived from the noun "cord", which originally comes from the Old French "corde" and ultimately from the Latin "chorda". "Chorda" refers to a rope or a string made of fibrous materials such as flax or hemp. Over time, "cord" evolved to refer to a flexible, thick string or a bundle of intertwined threads. The verb form "corded" describes the action of tying, fastening, or binding with a cord, often to secure or organize something.

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