How Do You Spell DEPLOYED?

Pronunciation: [dɪplˈɔ͡ɪd] (IPA)

The word "deployed" is spelled with eight letters and is often pronounced as /dɪˈplɔɪd/. The IPA phonetic transcription of this word helps to understand its pronunciation in greater detail. The first syllable of the word is pronounced as "dih" with a short "i" sound. The second syllable is pronounced as "plo" with a long "o" sound. The third syllable is pronounced as "id" with a short "i" sound. This word is often used in the military sense to describe the strategic placement of troops or resources.

DEPLOYED Meaning and Definition

  1. Deployed is the past tense of the verb "deploy," which has various definitions depending on the context. In general, it means to strategically position or arrange something, typically resources or forces, for a specific purpose or objective.

    In a military sense, deployed refers to the act of positioning and distributing military personnel, equipment, or assets in order to carry out a mission. This may involve sending troops or vehicles to specific locations or establishing a military presence in an area. Deployed forces are strategically placed to achieve situational advantage or to respond to potential threats.

    In a technological or business context, deployed can refer to the installation or implementation of software, tools, or systems. For example, when a company deploys new software, it means that it is being installed and made available for use. Similarly, deploying can refer to the unveiling or rollout of a new product or service.

    Moreover, deployed can also pertain to the utilization or assignment of personnel or resources in various fields. For instance, in emergency situations, such as natural disasters, medical teams or relief workers are deployed to provide assistance and support. Likewise, in project management, resources might be deployed to specific tasks or areas to maximize efficiency and productivity.

    Overall, the term deployed encompasses the strategic allocation, placement, or activation of resources, forces, personnel, or equipment for a specific purpose, such as military operations, technological implementations, or resource management.

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Etymology of DEPLOYED

The word "deployed" derives from the French word "déployer", which means "to unfold" or "to unroll". It became popularized in English during the 19th century as a military term, referring to the act of arranging or positioning troops or equipment for battle or operations. Over time, it has also gained broader usage outside of the military context, referring to the strategic placement or utilization of resources, personnel, or technology in various fields.

Similar spelling words for DEPLOYED

Conjugate verb Deployed


I would deploy
we would deploy
you would deploy
he/she/it would deploy
they would deploy


I will deploy
we will deploy
you will deploy
he/she/it will deploy
they will deploy


I will have deployed
we will have deployed
you will have deployed
he/she/it will have deployed
they will have deployed


I deployed
we deployed
you deployed
he/she/it deployed
they deployed


I had deployed
we had deployed
you had deployed
he/she/it had deployed
they had deployed


I deploy
we deploy
you deploy
he/she/it deploys
they deploy


I have deployed
we have deployed
you have deployed
he/she/it has deployed
they have deployed
I am deploying
we are deploying
you are deploying
he/she/it is deploying
they are deploying
I was deploying
we were deploying
you were deploying
he/she/it was deploying
they were deploying
I will be deploying
we will be deploying
you will be deploying
he/she/it will be deploying
they will be deploying
I have been deploying
we have been deploying
you have been deploying
he/she/it has been deploying
they have been deploying
I had been deploying
we had been deploying
you had been deploying
he/she/it had been deploying
they had been deploying
I will have been deploying
we will have been deploying
you will have been deploying
he/she/it will have been deploying
they will have been deploying
I would have deployed
we would have deployed
you would have deployed
he/she/it would have deployed
they would have deployed
I would be deploying
we would be deploying
you would be deploying
he/she/it would be deploying
they would be deploying
I would have been deploying
we would have been deploying
you would have been deploying
he/she/it would have been deploying
they would have been deploying


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