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Pronunciation: [ɡɹˈatɪn] (IPA)

Gratin, pronounced as /ɡræˈtæn/, is a culinary term that refers to a cooking technique in which food is topped with breadcrumbs, butter, cheese, or cream, and baked until golden brown. The correct spelling of this word is "gratin," and it is derived from the French word "gratter," which means 'to scrape,' giving reference to the surface of the dish. The word "gratin" is commonly used in many countries, and it has become a popular culinary term in the modern world.

GRATIN Meaning and Definition

  1. Gratin is a culinary term used to describe a type of dish that is prepared by baking it until a golden brown crust forms on the surface. This technique of cooking results in a rich and indulgent dish that is typically made with ingredients such as vegetables, pasta, meat, or seafood. The key characteristic of a gratin is the crisp and savory top layer, known as the gratinéed crust, which is created by sprinkling the dish with breadcrumbs, cheese, or a combination of the two before baking.

    The word "gratin" is derived from the French word "gratter," meaning "to scrape" or "to grate," which refers to the action of grating cheese or breadcrumbs on top of the dish. This step not only adds flavor but also creates the desired texture and appearance. Gratin dishes can be made using various methods, such as layering ingredients with a creamy sauce or using a combination of cooked ingredients.

    Gratin dishes are popular in many cuisines worldwide and can be found in French, Italian, American, and other regional cooking styles. They are often served as main courses, side dishes, or even appetizers. The term "gratin" has become a versatile concept in the culinary world, allowing for endless variations and combinations of ingredients to create a delectable and visually enticing dish.

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Etymology of GRATIN

The word "gratin" comes from the French language. Its etymology can be traced back to the Old French word "grate", meaning "a grating" or "a grill". This word ultimately originated from the Latin word "crates", which also meant "a grating" or "a lattice". The term "gratin" is used to describe a cooking technique where a dish is topped with breadcrumbs, cheese, or a mixture of both and then baked or broiled until it forms a golden-brown crust.

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Plural form of GRATIN is GRATINS


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