What is the correct spelling for GRATION?

If you've mistakenly typed "gration" instead of "migration", don't worry; it happens to the best of us! Spellcheck may not catch it, but here's a quick tip to correct the error: replace "gration" with "migration". Double-checking our spelling is always a good practice to ensure clear and accurate communication.

Correct spellings for GRATION

  • aeration The aerobic process of aeration helps to keep the beer clean and refreshing.
  • cation The cation is a positively charged ion in a chemical compound.
  • creation The artist's latest creation was a stunning mural that captured the essence of the city.
  • duration I'll give you an estimate of the duration of the project.
  • gradation The painting featured a beautiful gradation of colors, blending seamlessly from one hue to the next.
  • grain The farmer plants a seed in the soil and waits for the grain to grow.
  • Gratin Tonight we are having a Gratin of vegetables.
  • grating The sound of the metal grating against the floor was unbearable.
  • gyration Her hips moved with such gyration that I had trouble keeping up with her dance moves.
  • gyrations My head was spinning from all the gyrations.
  • migration The migration of the birds was amazing.
  • oration The politician's oration was so powerful that it swayed the undecided voters towards his direction.
  • ration Some of the food was inedible due to the low ration.