How Do You Spell GUTTING?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈʌtɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "gutting" is spelled with two consonant sounds followed by a vowel sound and a consonant sound. The IPA phonetic transcription of this word is /ˈɡʌtɪŋ/. The first sound represents the voiceless velar stop /ɡ/, followed by the unstressed vowel /ʌ/, the voiced alveolar stop /t/, and the nasal consonant /ŋ/. This four-letter word is commonly used to describe the act of removing the inner organs from a fish or animal, but it can also be used metaphorically to describe a situation where something important or essential is removed.

GUTTING Meaning and Definition

  1. Gutting is a term that can be used in a literal sense to describe the act of removing the entrails or internal organs from an animal, typically when preparing it for consumption. In this context, the process involves making an incision in the abdomen and carefully extracting the organs, such as the intestines, heart, and liver. The purpose of gutting in this sense is to clean and prepare the animal for cooking or other use, ensuring that the internal organs are removed to avoid spoiling the meat or imparting unwanted flavors to it.

    The term "gutting" can also be used in a metaphorical sense to describe a feeling or action that is deeply distressing, devastating, or demoralizing. It is often employed to express a profound sense of loss or disappointment, as if one's emotional core has been stripped or severely affected. This figurative usage may be heard in various contexts, such as describing the impact of a tragic event, a heartbreaking revelation, or a severe setback. In these cases, the term implies a sense of devastation that goes beyond mere disappointment, often leaving an individual feeling emotionally emptied or hollowed out. The metaphorical use of gutting aims to convey the idea that something or someone has caused immense emotional or psychological damage, leaving a lasting impact that takes time to recover from.

Common Misspellings for GUTTING

Etymology of GUTTING

The word "gutting" derives from the verb "gut", which can be traced back to the Middle English word "gutten" or "guttenen". This Middle English term ultimately comes from the Old English word "gutian", meaning "to take out the entrails". The Old English word is believed to have been influenced by the Old Norse word "gota", which has the same meaning. Both "gutian" and "gota" are thought to have originated from Proto-Germanic language, specifically the word "gutôną", meaning "to tear out".

Similar spelling words for GUTTING

Plural form of GUTTING is GUTTINGS

Conjugate verb Gutting


I would gut
we would gut
you would gut
he/she/it would gut
they would gut


I will gut
we will gut
you will gut
he/she/it will gut
they will gut


I will have gutted
we will have gutted
you will have gutted
he/she/it will have gutted
they will have gutted


I gutted
we gutted
you gutted
he/she/it gutted
they gutted


I had gutted
we had gutted
you had gutted
he/she/it had gutted
they had gutted


I gut
we gut
you gut
he/she/it guts
they gut


I have gutted
we have gutted
you have gutted
he/she/it has gutted
they have gutted
I am gutting
we are gutting
you are gutting
he/she/it is gutting
they are gutting
I was gutting
we were gutting
you were gutting
he/she/it was gutting
they were gutting
I will be gutting
we will be gutting
you will be gutting
he/she/it will be gutting
they will be gutting
I have been gutting
we have been gutting
you have been gutting
he/she/it has been gutting
they have been gutting
I had been gutting
we had been gutting
you had been gutting
he/she/it had been gutting
they had been gutting
I will have been gutting
we will have been gutting
you will have been gutting
he/she/it will have been gutting
they will have been gutting
I would have gutted
we would have gutted
you would have gutted
he/she/it would have gutted
they would have gutted
I would be gutting
we would be gutting
you would be gutting
he/she/it would be gutting
they would be gutting
I would have been gutting
we would have been gutting
you would have been gutting
he/she/it would have been gutting
they would have been gutting


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