What is the correct spelling for HONNED?

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Correct spellings for HONNED

  • boned He was a big, raw-boned boy, whose shabby clothes originally much too loose for his lean frame, and now soaked through, gave him an almost grotesque appearance.
  • hand There was always something in his hand.
  • handed Virginia took the order, read it, and handed it back.
  • hennaed I'm certainly glad I kidded that old widow into thinking she's puhfectly stunning with her hair hennaed.
  • hind Then he scratched his long left ear with his long left hind foot, all the time staring his hardest at those strange tracks.
  • hone Mrs. Saintsbury said, apparently as the sum of her consultations with Mrs. Pasmer: "The Tree is to be at half-past five; and after we've seen a few spreads, I'm going to take the ladies hone for a little rest."
  • honey He determined to sit at Nell's side the whole night and give her hot water with honey to drink.
  • honeyed There was a time when I played the fool, used honeyed language, bowed and scraped.
  • honored "Which are seldom honored," the Judge remarked somewhat bitterly.
  • horned December marks the beginning of the nesting season for three large owls-the brown fish-owl, the rock horned-owl and the dusky horned-owl.
  • hornet The labourers will have it that they sting like the hornet; but this they say also of many other harmless creatures, seeming to have a general distrust of the insect kind.
  • hound Come along out and see if we can't find a good stick to throw for the hound; and as he passed, he kissed her on the hair and drew her up on to her feet.
  • hunted He promised me, on his word of honor, that be wouldn't mention a thing-and he must have actually hunted for a chance to tell!
  • owned I understand that the vessels generally are owned by one or two men, and that the rest are hired men?
  • thinned The group had thinned around him, for there was something to do besides give sympathy to a man bereaved.
  • toned "You have it, my son," answered the deep-toned voice of the Jesuit Malagrida.
  • Chinned She cornered almost everyone else, and chinned to 'em real earnest about somethin' or other, but I never seemed to get in range.
  • Donned On the seventh of January nine years before, without a spark of love for Jack Leskjewitsch, but with the angry memory of humiliation suffered at another's hands, she had donned her gown of bridal white and her bridal wreath had been placed upon her head.
  • Hanged Law and order might be blowed, or hanged.
  • Hinged These openings are closed by two sliding doors, each door being made of two sections, hinged together so as to follow the circular wall of the barn in opening.
  • Hinted "Not a thing, only keep our heads, and don't give way to nerves," he hinted.
  • Hoed On the cold day there was very little difference between the plots, but on the hot day the hoed plots were cooler than the others.
  • Honed Anyway she has found special favor by virtue of her uncommon vow, and has shown iron resistance against breaking it in the face of honed steel.
  • Hoped I had hoped that it was all a detective's lie, got up for the purpose of getting hold of the reward money, but now I see it is true-the most astounding thing a man ever tried.
  • Hounded I know his kind; I've hounded too many of 'em to the finish.
  • Hymned It hymned the virtues of the Ajax Invigorator.
  • Shinned While the cop was a-mendin' of their bangs I shinned it off good, I tell ye!
  • Shunned There was no resentment in her voice or attitude that he had shunned her.
  • Zoned The caps are very irregular in shape, curved, repand, radiately furrowed, sometimes zoned; gray, or hair-brown in color, with a perceptibly hairy surface, the hairs running in lines on the surface.
  • Conned Again she read the letter from Mr. Lyon, and again and again conned it over, until every sentence was imprinted on her memory.
  • honked It was in the spring when romance was in the very air, that a motor honked up the hill, and Wally inquired for Isabelle.
  • hones Not, indeed, that life for which so many live-the life led for self, and having for its principle, if not its only end, the gratification of the desires of self; but an altogether higher life-a life devoted to telling that which her keen instinct knew was truth, and, however imperfectly, painting with the pigment of her noble art those visions of beauty which sometimes seemed to rest upon her soul like shadows from the heaven of our hones.
  • ConEd The Nevians studied the human beings with interest and curiosity blended largely with loathing and repulsion; the three Terrestrials regarded the unmoving, expressionless "faces"-if those coned heads could be said to possess such thing-with horror and disgust, as well as with other emotions, each according to his type and training.
  • HONDA Near this confectioner's was a booth where boiled sweet-potatoes were sold, with oranges and joints of sugar-cane, and, spitted on straws, that terrible fruit of the strawberry tree which we had tasted at Honda without wishing to taste it ever again.
  • HOSED Her beauty was nature's own, and she had the loveliest, longest, narrowest feet ever shod and silken hosed by Audet, and as lovely out of the silken hose as in.
  • phoned The ladies barely made it to the top of the stairs; they phoned for a cab and were presently whisked away.
  • homed Their shipping and transport is even more difficult than that of the homed cattle.
  • holed Seventy per cent of the ship's sealed off, and we've been holed in a dozen places.
  • accroaching

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