How Do You Spell HOSED?

Pronunciation: [hˈə͡ʊzd] (IPA)

The word "hosed" is spelled with the letters H-O-S-E-D. In IPA phonetic transcription, it can be pronounced as /hoʊzəd/. The first sound is an open-o sound, followed by an "s" sound, and then a schwa sound. The final sound is a "d" sound at the end of the word. The word "hosed" is a past tense verb meaning to cheat or deceive someone. This word can also be used in the sense of being in a difficult or unfortunate situation.

HOSED Meaning and Definition

  1. "Hosed" is an informal slang term that is derived from the verb "hose". As a verb, it has multiple meanings, and its meaning as "hosed" retains some of these nuances.

    The primary definition of "hosed" is to be heavily burdened, in a difficult situation, or to be at a significant disadvantage due to unforeseen circumstances or deliberate actions by others. It is often used to indicate a state of being frustrated, defeated, or overwhelmed. This term implies a sense of being cheated or treated unfairly, leaving the individual in a negative or disadvantageous position.

    Additionally, "hosed" can also refer to being tricked, deceived, or made a victim of a scam or prank, often resulting in losing money, time, or resources. It denotes a sense of being fooled, fooled around, or misled.

    Moreover, "hosed" can be used to describe a state of being physically or mentally exhausted, worn out, or fatigued due to overexertion, excessive work, or strenuous activities.

    In an alternative context, "hosed" can also mean being punished, reprimanded, or scolded sternly, frequently as a result of poor performance, mistakes, or irresponsible behavior.

    Overall, the term "hosed" signifies a sense of frustration, disadvantage, trickery, exhaustion, or punishment, depending on the context in which it is used.

Common Misspellings for HOSED

Idioms with the word HOSED

  • be home and hosed, at be home and dry The idiom "be home and hosed" (also commonly known as "be home and dry") refers to a situation where one has successfully overcome difficulties and is now in a position of assured victory or success. It implies that the person has achieved their objective or goal and has no further obstacles to overcome. It typically relates to a situation where someone is confident of winning, often in a competitive scenario, and suggests that the outcome is almost certain and favorable.
  • be home and hosed The idiom "be home and hosed" means to be in a safe and secure position, with the outcome or victory assured. It originates from Australian slang, referring to a successful completion of a task or the certainty of winning a competition.
  • home and hosed The idiom "home and hosed" means to be in a safe and successful position, having completed a task or achieved a goal without any major obstacles or difficulties.

Similar spelling words for HOSED

Conjugate verb Hosed


I would hose
we would hose
you would hose
he/she/it would hose
they would hose


I will hose
we will hose
you will hose
he/she/it will hose
they will hose


I will have hosed
we will have hosed
you will have hosed
he/she/it will have hosed
they will have hosed


I hosed
we hosed
you hosed
he/she/it hosed
they hosed


I had hosed
we had hosed
you had hosed
he/she/it had hosed
they had hosed


I hose
we hose
you hose
he/she/it hoses
they hose


I have hosed
we have hosed
you have hosed
he/she/it has hosed
they have hosed
I am hosing
we are hosing
you are hosing
he/she/it is hosing
they are hosing
I was hosing
we were hosing
you were hosing
he/she/it was hosing
they were hosing
I will be hosing
we will be hosing
you will be hosing
he/she/it will be hosing
they will be hosing
I have been hosing
we have been hosing
you have been hosing
he/she/it has been hosing
they have been hosing
I had been hosing
we had been hosing
you had been hosing
he/she/it had been hosing
they had been hosing
I will have been hosing
we will have been hosing
you will have been hosing
he/she/it will have been hosing
they will have been hosing
I would have hosed
we would have hosed
you would have hosed
he/she/it would have hosed
they would have hosed
I would be hosing
we would be hosing
you would be hosing
he/she/it would be hosing
they would be hosing
I would have been hosing
we would have been hosing
you would have been hosing
he/she/it would have been hosing
they would have been hosing


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