How Do You Spell OV?

The spelling of the word "OV" may seem odd and confusing to some, but it actually follows the rules of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The IPA transcription of "OV" is /ɑv/. This represents a diphthong, or two vowel sounds merged into one, with the "a" sound transitioning smoothly into the "v" sound. While not a common English spelling, it is used in some scientific and technical contexts to represent the chemical element Oganesson, which has the symbol Og and atomic number 118.

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Anagrams for OV

Common Misspellings for OV

  • 0v
  • 0ov
  • 9ov
  • o9v
  • ovg

1 words made out of letters OV

2 letters


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