How Do You Spell PITCHES?

Correct spelling for the English word "pitches" is [p_ˈɪ_tʃ_ɪ_z], [pˈɪt͡ʃɪz], [pˈɪt‍ʃɪz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for PITCHES

Below is the list of 119 misspellings for the word "pitches".

Similar spelling words for PITCHES

Anagrams of PITCHES

7 letters

  • chipset.

6 letters

5 letters

Usage Examples for PITCHES

  1. It is very difficult to describe accurately and effectively the evolutions of a horse when he " pitches" his worst and hardest. - "The Happy Family" by Bertha Muzzy Bower
  2. Thus, suppose we have a curve obtained by rolling a wheel of 20 inches circumference on a pitch circle of 40 inches circumference- now a wheel of 40 inches in circumference may contain 20 teeth of 2 inch arc pitch, or 10 teeth of 4 inch arc pitch, or 8 teeth of 5 inch arc pitch, and the curve may be used for either of those pitches. - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II" by Joshua Rose

Conjugate verb Pitches


I would pitch
we would pitch
you would pitch
he/she/it would pitch
they would pitch


I will pitch
we will pitch
you will pitch
he/she/it will pitch
they will pitch


I will have pitched
we will have pitched
you will have pitched
he/she/it will have pitched
they will have pitched


I pitched
we pitched
you pitched
he/she/it pitched
they pitched


I had pitched
we had pitched
you had pitched
he/she/it had pitched
they had pitched


I pitch
we pitch
you pitch
he/she/it pitches
they pitch


I have pitched
we have pitched
you have pitched
he/she/it has pitched
they have pitched
I am pitching
we are pitching
you are pitching
he/she/it is pitching
they are pitching
I was pitching
we were pitching
you were pitching
he/she/it was pitching
they were pitching
I will be pitching
we will be pitching
you will be pitching
he/she/it will be pitching
they will be pitching
I have been pitching
we have been pitching
you have been pitching
he/she/it has been pitching
they have been pitching
I had been pitching
we had been pitching
you had been pitching
he/she/it had been pitching
they had been pitching
I will have been pitching
we will have been pitching
you will have been pitching
he/she/it will have been pitching
they will have been pitching
I would have pitched
we would have pitched
you would have pitched
he/she/it would have pitched
they would have pitched
I would be pitching
we would be pitching
you would be pitching
he/she/it would be pitching
they would be pitching
I would have been pitching
we would have been pitching
you would have been pitching
he/she/it would have been pitching
they would have been pitching