How Do You Spell SCREWING?

Correct spelling for the English word "screwing" is [skɹˈuːɪŋ], [skɹˈuːɪŋ], [s_k_ɹ_ˈuː_ɪ_ŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SCREWING

Below is the list of 242 misspellings for the word "screwing".

Similar spelling words for SCREWING

Plural form of SCREWING is SCREWINGS

Definition of SCREWING

  1. slang terms for sexual intercourse

Anagrams of SCREWING

Usage Examples for SCREWING

  1. He looked at me curiously, screwing up his eyes. - "Salute to Adventurers" by John Buchan
  2. " We all be Mister Ward's," answered Ump, screwing his mouth to one side and imitating the old carpet- weaver's voice. - "Dwellers in the Hills" by Melville Davisson Post

Conjugate verb Screwing


I would screw
we would screw
you would screw
he/she/it would screw
they would screw


I will screw
we will screw
you will screw
he/she/it will screw
they will screw


I will have screwed
we will have screwed
you will have screwed
he/she/it will have screwed
they will have screwed


I screwed
we screwed
you screwed
he/she/it screwed
they screwed


I had screwed
we had screwed
you had screwed
he/she/it had screwed
they had screwed


I screw
we screw
you screw
he/she/it screws
they screw


I have screwed
we have screwed
you have screwed
he/she/it has screwed
they have screwed
I am screwing
we are screwing
you are screwing
he/she/it is screwing
they are screwing
I was screwing
we were screwing
you were screwing
he/she/it was screwing
they were screwing
I will be screwing
we will be screwing
you will be screwing
he/she/it will be screwing
they will be screwing
I have been screwing
we have been screwing
you have been screwing
he/she/it has been screwing
they have been screwing
I had been screwing
we had been screwing
you had been screwing
he/she/it had been screwing
they had been screwing
I will have been screwing
we will have been screwing
you will have been screwing
he/she/it will have been screwing
they will have been screwing
I would have screwed
we would have screwed
you would have screwed
he/she/it would have screwed
they would have screwed
I would be screwing
we would be screwing
you would be screwing
he/she/it would be screwing
they would be screwing
I would have been screwing
we would have been screwing
you would have been screwing
he/she/it would have been screwing
they would have been screwing