How Do You Spell TATTOOS?

Pronunciation: [tatˈuːz] (IPA)

The word "tattoos" is spelled with a double "t" followed by two "o's". In IPA phonetic transcription, it would be represented as /təˈtuːz/. The first syllable is pronounced with a schwa sound /ə/ and the second syllable is pronounced with a long "u" sound /uː/. The final "s" is pronounced with a voiceless "z" sound /z/. "Tattoos" refers to a form of body art created by injecting ink into the skin.

TATTOOS Meaning and Definition

  1. Tattoos are permanent markings or designs on the skin achieved by inserting pigments into the top layer of the dermis using needles. They have been practiced across cultures and civilizations for thousands of years, serving various purposes such as personal expression, spiritual beliefs, cultural identification, or simply aesthetic embellishment.

    The process of tattooing begins with the creation of a design, either through the artist's original artwork or based on the client's preferences. The design is then stenciled onto the skin, and the tattoo artist utilizes a tattoo machine, which consists of a needle attached to an electrically powered device. This needle rapidly punctures the skin, injecting small droplets of ink into the dermis.

    Tattoos can be created in various sizes, colors, and styles, ranging from elaborate, multi-colored designs to simple black outlines. Traditional tattoo inks were primarily derived from mineral or plant-based sources, although modern advancements have introduced more synthetic options.

    Once the tattoo is completed, the skin's natural healing process begins, resulting in the integration of the ink into the dermis. Careful aftercare, including cleaning and moisturizing the tattooed area, is vital to ensure proper healing and to preserve the longevity and quality of the tattoo.

    Tattoos have become progressively popular in contemporary society and can hold significant personal meaning for the individuals who possess them. While societal attitudes towards tattoos have evolved, there remains a range of perceptions, from acceptance and admiration to stigmatization depending on cultural, religious, or professional contexts.

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Etymology of TATTOOS

The word "tattoos" has an interesting etymology. It originated from the Polynesian word "tatau" or "tatu", which refers to the process of tattooing. The word was first encountered by European explorers in the 18th century during their encounters with Polynesian cultures, particularly in the Pacific region. The word was likely adapted and anglicized as "tattoo" when it entered the English language. From there, it became pluralized as "tattoos" to refer to multiple instances or designs of tattooing.

Conjugate verb Tattoos


I would tattoo
we would tattoo
you would tattoo
he/she/it would tattoo
they would tattoo


I will tattoo
we will tattoo
you will tattoo
he/she/it will tattoo
they will tattoo


I will have tattooed
we will have tattooed
you will have tattooed
he/she/it will have tattooed
they will have tattooed


I tattooed
we tattooed
you tattooed
he/she/it tattooed
they tattooed


I had tattooed
we had tattooed
you had tattooed
he/she/it had tattooed
they had tattooed


I tattoo
we tattoo
you tattoo
he/she/it tattoos
they tattoo


I have tattooed
we have tattooed
you have tattooed
he/she/it has tattooed
they have tattooed
I am tattooing
we are tattooing
you are tattooing
he/she/it is tattooing
they are tattooing
I was tattooing
we were tattooing
you were tattooing
he/she/it was tattooing
they were tattooing
I will be tattooing
we will be tattooing
you will be tattooing
he/she/it will be tattooing
they will be tattooing
I have been tattooing
we have been tattooing
you have been tattooing
he/she/it has been tattooing
they have been tattooing
I had been tattooing
we had been tattooing
you had been tattooing
he/she/it had been tattooing
they had been tattooing
I will have been tattooing
we will have been tattooing
you will have been tattooing
he/she/it will have been tattooing
they will have been tattooing
I would have tattooed
we would have tattooed
you would have tattooed
he/she/it would have tattooed
they would have tattooed
I would be tattooing
we would be tattooing
you would be tattooing
he/she/it would be tattooing
they would be tattooing
I would have been tattooing
we would have been tattooing
you would have been tattooing
he/she/it would have been tattooing
they would have been tattooing


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