How Do You Spell BIGGEST?

Pronunciation: [bˈɪɡəst] (IPA)

The word "biggest" is a comparative form of "big", which means the greatest in size or amount. Its pronunciation is /'bɪg.ɪst/, with stress on the first syllable. The word is spelled with two "g's" to represent the hard "g" sound in the middle of the word, and the second "g" helps to indicate the stressed syllable. The word is formed by adding the suffix "-est" to the base word "big". This common spelling rule applies to many other English adjectives, resulting in the formation of a comparative form ending in "-est".

BIGGEST Meaning and Definition

  1. "Biggest" is an adjective derived from the root word "big," which refers to something of significant size, extent, or magnitude. It commonly denotes the superlative form of "big" and is used to describe an entity or concept that surpasses all others in terms of physical dimensions, quantity, capacity, importance, or influence.

    When describing physical attributes, "biggest" suggests a notable size or dimension that exceeds that of any other similar object or organism. It implies that the subject is larger or more voluminous than all other comparable items or beings. For instance, the tallest skyscraper in a city could be referred to as the "biggest" structure, indicating that it stands above all others in terms of height or size.

    Additionally, "biggest" can be employed to describe something that has the largest quantity or number. It implies that the subject has a greater count or amount than any other equivalent item or group. For example, the "biggest" library in a city would suggest that it holds the largest collection of books and resources when compared to other libraries.

    Furthermore, "biggest" can also be used metaphorically to refer to concepts that possess significant importance or impact. In this context, it highlights that the subject holds the highest degree of influence, significance, or relevance in a given sphere. For instance, the "biggest" problem in a societal issue represents the most critical and challenging aspect that needs to be addressed.

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Etymology of BIGGEST

The word "biggest" is formed by adding the suffix "-est" to the adjective "big". The adjective "big" comes from Middle English "bigge", which was derived from Old English "bīġ", meaning "of great size, large, or tall". The Old English word can be traced back to Proto-Germanic "*bugjan", which also meant "big" or "powerful". The etymology of "biggest" represents the evolution of the word's usage and formation over time.

Idioms with the word BIGGEST

  • biggest frog in the puddle The idiom "biggest frog in the puddle" refers to a person who presents themselves as the most important or powerful within a limited or insignificant context. It implies being the most prominent or influential individual in a minor or unimpressive situation.
  • the biggest frog in the puddle The idiom "the biggest frog in the puddle" refers to a person who holds a significant position or is seen as superior in a small or limited environment. It implies that the person's dominance or influence is only noticeable within a specific context, but may not hold the same weight in a larger or more competitive setting.

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