How Do You Spell GOOSING?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈuːsɪŋ] (IPA)

Goosing is a verb that refers to playfully touching someone's buttocks. The word is spelled as /ˈɡuːsɪŋ/, with a long "o" sound followed by an "s" sound and an "ɪ" sound. The final "ng" sound is pronounced as a velar nasal. The spelling of the word can be confusing as it is written with two 'o's, whereas the pronunciation uses only one. This can be attributed to the irregularities of the English language and the lack of a uniform spelling system.

GOOSING Meaning and Definition

  1. Goosing is an informal term that can be used as both a noun and a verb, primarily in American English. It refers to a playful action of poking or gently touching someone in the buttocks, typically as a prank, often accompanied by a quick, unexpected motion. As a verb, it describes the act of performing such an action.

    The term "goosing" is derived from the image of a goose, which often pokes its beak forward in a similar way. It is commonly seen as a lighthearted, usually non-threatening gesture that aims to bring about amusement or a momentary surprise in a social or casual setting among friends, family members, or acquaintances. The intention behind goosing is generally to evoke a light-hearted reaction from the person being goosed, such as laughter, surprise, or a playful retaliation.

    It is important to note that goosing is seen as an act that requires consent and should be carried out only in appropriate settings and with individuals who are comfortable with such physical contact. While it is usually regarded as harmless fun, it is essential to be mindful of personal boundaries and respect others' autonomy. It is generally considered impolite to goose someone without establishing a previous understanding or consent, as different people may have varying comfort levels with physical touch or pranks of this nature.

Common Misspellings for GOOSING

Etymology of GOOSING

The word "goosing" comes from the noun "goose", which refers to a large waterbird. The term "goosing" is derived from the verb "goose", which means to poke or prod someone, often playfully, in the backside. This action is similar to the way a goose might use its beak to nudge or pinch. Therefore, "goosing" is a colloquial term that describes a playful act of prodding or tickling someone.

Similar spelling words for GOOSING

Conjugate verb Goosing


I would goose
we would goose
you would goose
he/she/it would goose
they would goose


I will goose
we will goose
you will goose
he/she/it will goose
they will goose


I will have goosed
we will have goosed
you will have goosed
he/she/it will have goosed
they will have goosed


I goosed
we goosed
you goosed
he/she/it goosed
they goosed


I had goosed
we had goosed
you had goosed
he/she/it had goosed
they had goosed


I goose
we goose
you goose
he/she/it gooses
they goose


I have goosed
we have goosed
you have goosed
he/she/it has goosed
they have goosed
I am goosing
we are goosing
you are goosing
he/she/it is goosing
they are goosing
I was goosing
we were goosing
you were goosing
he/she/it was goosing
they were goosing
I will be goosing
we will be goosing
you will be goosing
he/she/it will be goosing
they will be goosing
I have been goosing
we have been goosing
you have been goosing
he/she/it has been goosing
they have been goosing
I had been goosing
we had been goosing
you had been goosing
he/she/it had been goosing
they had been goosing
I will have been goosing
we will have been goosing
you will have been goosing
he/she/it will have been goosing
they will have been goosing
I would have goosed
we would have goosed
you would have goosed
he/she/it would have goosed
they would have goosed
I would be goosing
we would be goosing
you would be goosing
he/she/it would be goosing
they would be goosing
I would have been goosing
we would have been goosing
you would have been goosing
he/she/it would have been goosing
they would have been goosing


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