How Do You Spell MET?

Correct spelling for the English word "Met" is [m_ˈɛ_t], [mˈɛt], [mˈɛt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of MET

  1. Used (1) in words of Greek origin to mean "between, with, after, over, reversely"; (2) (Chem) to denote resemblance, etc.

Common Misspellings for MET

Below is the list of 407 misspellings for the word "met".

Usage Examples for MET

  1. I have thought of nothing else since I met you. - "A Butterfly on the Wheel" by Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull
  2. It was there that I first met her. - "Joan of Arc" by Ronald Sutherland Gower
  3. They met here just as I knew they would! - "Judith of Blue Lake Ranch" by Jackson Gregory
  4. I think I have met you at your home. - "Betty Lee, Freshman" by Harriet Pyne Grove
  5. But she did not have to go all the way, for she met her father coming back. - "The Good Comrade" by Una L. Silberrad