What is the correct spelling for LURS?

If you're typing "lurs" but have the feeling that it's misspelled, here are some possible correct suggestions you might consider: "lure", "lurks", "lumps", "labs" or "lures". Double-check your intended meaning and context to ensure you use the right word.

Correct spellings for LURS

  • blurs The heat of the desert blurs the vision.
  • BURS A burs is a small, rough piece of material that can cause irritation or injury to the skin.
  • CURS The wizard cast a curs on the intruder, causing them to freeze in place.
  • furs The hunters killed the animals for their furs.
  • Lars Lars is my friend from Sweden.
  • lugs The weight of the heavy suitcase strained her arms as she struggled to lift it up by its lugs.
  • Luis Luis is a skilled musician who can play several instruments.
  • lure The angler hoped to lure a big fish with a shiny new lure.
  • lures Fishermen use different kinds of lures to catch fish.
  • lurk
  • lurks Danger lurks around every corner in the deep forest.
  • LUVS She always prefers to buy LUVS diapers for her baby.
  • Ours The cake is ours to share.
  • slurs The use of racial slurs is unacceptable.