How Do You Spell WIDENED?

Pronunciation: [wˈa͡ɪdənd] (IPA)

The word "widened" is spelled with the letter combination "i-d-e-n" representing the sound /aɪd/ (like "ide" in "ideology") and the final "ed" sound /ɪd/ (like "id" in "kid"). The stressed vowel in "widened" is /aɪ/ (like "eye"), and the word is pronounced /ˈwaɪ.dənd/. This verb means to make something wider or broader than before. Remember to double check the spelling of "widened" if you want to use it in your writing or speech.

WIDENED Meaning and Definition

  1. Widened is the past tense and past participle form of the verb "widen." It is derived from the word "wide" and is commonly used to describe the act of making something broader or increasing its width. The term typically refers to the process of expanding or making larger the distance or breadth between two points or extending the physical dimensions of an object, space, or area.

    When something is widened, it implies that it has been enlarged or extended from its original size or width. This can be applied to various contexts, such as roads, bridges, rivers, paths, hallways, and other physical structures or areas that require more space. In this context, a widened road, for instance, suggests that it has been made broader to accommodate increased traffic or vehicles.

    The word 'widened' can also be used metaphorically or figuratively to describe the broadening or expansion of ideas, perspectives, understanding, or knowledge. It signifies the process of increasing the range, scope, or breadth of something intangible. For example, one might say that their horizons have widened after traveling to different countries or studying new subjects.

    In summary, the term "widened" refers to the action of making something wider, broader, or more extensive physically or metaphorically. It denotes the expansion, enlargement, or extension of an object, space, concept, or understanding, either in a literal or figurative sense.

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Etymology of WIDENED

The word "widened" is derived from the base word "wide", which has its origins in Old English "wid" and Proto-Germanic "wīdaz". In Middle English, a verb form of "wide" was formed as "widen" to denote the act of making something wide or broader. Over time, this verb form was conjugated, and "widened" became the past participle form. Its etymology can be traced back to the concept of making something broader or more spacious.

Conjugate verb Widened


I would widen
we would widen
you would widen
he/she/it would widen
they would widen


I will widen
we will widen
you will widen
he/she/it will widen
they will widen


I will have widened
we will have widened
you will have widened
he/she/it will have widened
they will have widened


I widened
we widened
you widened
he/she/it widened
they widened


I had widened
we had widened
you had widened
he/she/it had widened
they had widened


I widen
we widen
you widen
he/she/it widens
they widen


I have widened
we have widened
you have widened
he/she/it has widened
they have widened
I am widening
we are widening
you are widening
he/she/it is widening
they are widening
I was widening
we were widening
you were widening
he/she/it was widening
they were widening
I will be widening
we will be widening
you will be widening
he/she/it will be widening
they will be widening
I have been widening
we have been widening
you have been widening
he/she/it has been widening
they have been widening
I had been widening
we had been widening
you had been widening
he/she/it had been widening
they had been widening
I will have been widening
we will have been widening
you will have been widening
he/she/it will have been widening
they will have been widening
I would have widened
we would have widened
you would have widened
he/she/it would have widened
they would have widened
I would be widening
we would be widening
you would be widening
he/she/it would be widening
they would be widening
I would have been widening
we would have been widening
you would have been widening
he/she/it would have been widening
they would have been widening


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