What is the correct spelling for A1?

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Correct spellings for A1

  • aa Aa sarved me time wiv him.
  • ab The ninth of Ab is a day of fasting and mourning, in commemoration of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.
  • ac But we know too well his long-licensed coarseness of expression to greatly marvel at that; but for the solemn and most awful word ac -cursed, believe me, mother, he never said it."
  • ag I believe I shall be ka'-ag."
  • ai Ai asked for the privilege of riding the same horse at the hunt next day, and the request was readily granted, and thus it happened that, next morning when he went to the place appointed, he rode a horse that was faster than any other there except the one the king himself rode.
  • ak By the light of the glowing embers we could watch the faces about us, and catch their horrified glances when reference was made to our intended ascent of Ak -Dagh, the mysterious abode of the jinn.
  • al Well, so long, Al .
  • an It is like remodelling an old house.
  • ar Hev you got any right for to think that ar ?"
  • as I could not give the same price in money as I could give in goods.
  • at That was at Mr. Linklater's.
  • au Au revoir at Christmas!
  • av "Av a sister of mine ever bestowed a thought on the likes o' ye, I'd give her the outside of the door this night," said Joyce, whose courage now rose from seeing several of his faction attracted to the spot, by observing that he and Connor were conversing.
  • ax "Ax her," said one.
  • az Considerin', too, that I knew her when she was Deacon Salisbury's darter, and our fam'lies waz thick az peas.
  • ba "Ah-rr-oomp, ah-rr-oomp, ba -rr-oomp," came from the edge of the water the deep cry of the bullfrog; from the further end of the lake came the strange gobble, gurgle and gulp of the shitepoke, the small green heron which is the flitting ghost of shaded creeks and haunting thing of marshy courses everywhere.
  • ca He made a lot iv it in dhrivin' a ca -ar, he did, but he blew it all in again good liquor an' bad women; an', bedad, he was broke half th' time an' borrowin' th' other half.
  • da Mr. Adair ceased to listen to Lord Dungory, who was explaining why Leonardo da Vinci was a greater painter than Titian.
  • ea 4 are a standard with an animal's head, a sign of Ea ; a two-headed snake the Twins; an unknown symbol with a horse's head, and a bird, representative of Shukamuna and Shumalia.
  • ga 2 60 La Grange Seminary, La Grange, Ga .
  • ha "Ha, ha , what is a bit of a frost like this to me?
  • ia Julia ran in, glad to escape him.
  • la It was like having their own Shangri-la.
  • Ah "Ah, surely, Meester Rosythe!
  • S "How dy'do, Mr. T-S?
  • AF The people of Trip-o-li in Af -ri-ca were pirates.
  • AP There were sweet-smelling meadows stacked with newly-cured hay on either side of the road, and tufts of red clover blossoms exhaling delicious odors of honey almost under his saturnine nose; but he trotted ponderously on, sullenly aware of the gentle hand on the reins and the mild, persistent voice which bade him "Git-ap, Dolly!"
  • AW Must be aw-aw-awful late.
  • AM "But I am like him.
  • unamazing