How Do You Spell DECAYED?

Pronunciation: [dɪkˈe͡ɪd] (IPA)

The word "decayed" is spelled with a silent "c". The IPA phonetic transcription for "decayed" is /dɪˈkeɪd/. The "d" sound is followed by a short "i" sound, then the stress is on the second syllable with a long "a" sound. The final "y" makes a long "e" sound. The silent "c" is followed by a short "e" sound. The word means to deteriorate or lose quality over time. It is important to spell words correctly to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

DECAYED Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "decayed" refers to the state of something deteriorating or decomposing as a result of natural processes, neglect, or the passage of time. It often signifies the decline or breakdown of an object, substance, or living organism.

    In the context of physical objects or structures, decay refers to the gradual breaking down, wearing out, or rotting of the material. It can occur due to exposure to environmental factors such as moisture, air, or chemicals, leading to the loss of structural integrity or alterations in appearance. Wood, metal, and organic matter are common materials that may exhibit decay when left untreated or not adequately maintained.

    When applied to living organisms, decay describes a state of decomposition or deterioration. It can refer to the natural process of organic matter breaking down, usually facilitated by microorganisms. In this context, decay is a vital part of the ecosystem, as it recycles nutrients and contributes to the overall health and equilibrium of the environment. However, decay can also refer to the state of decline or degeneration of a living organism, often resulting from disease, injury, or aging.

    Metaphorically, "decayed" can be used to describe a person or society that has fallen into a state of moral, social, or economic decline. It suggests a loss of vitality, principles, or effectiveness. In this sense, decay implies a negative trajectory, as it represents regression, disintegration, or a departure from previous standards or conditions.

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Etymology of DECAYED

The word "decayed" originates from the Middle English word "decāien", which is derived from the Old French word "decaïr". This Old French term, in turn, comes from the Latin word "decadere", consisting of "de-" (meaning "down") and "cadere" (meaning "fall"). Consequently, the etymology of "decayed" implies a sense of falling down or declining.

Similar spelling words for DECAYED

Conjugate verb Decayed


I would decay
we would decay
you would decay
he/she/it would decay
they would decay


I will decay
we will decay
you will decay
he/she/it will decay
they will decay


I will have decayed
we will have decayed
you will have decayed
he/she/it will have decayed
they will have decayed


I decayed
we decayed
you decayed
he/she/it decayed
they decayed


I had decayed
we had decayed
you had decayed
he/she/it had decayed
they had decayed


I decay
we decay
you decay
he/she/it decays
they decay


I have decayed
we have decayed
you have decayed
he/she/it has decayed
they have decayed
I am decaying
we are decaying
you are decaying
he/she/it is decaying
they are decaying
I was decaying
we were decaying
you were decaying
he/she/it was decaying
they were decaying
I will be decaying
we will be decaying
you will be decaying
he/she/it will be decaying
they will be decaying
I have been decaying
we have been decaying
you have been decaying
he/she/it has been decaying
they have been decaying
I had been decaying
we had been decaying
you had been decaying
he/she/it had been decaying
they had been decaying
I will have been decaying
we will have been decaying
you will have been decaying
he/she/it will have been decaying
they will have been decaying
I would have decayed
we would have decayed
you would have decayed
he/she/it would have decayed
they would have decayed
I would be decaying
we would be decaying
you would be decaying
he/she/it would be decaying
they would be decaying
I would have been decaying
we would have been decaying
you would have been decaying
he/she/it would have been decaying
they would have been decaying


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