How Do You Spell FOULED?

Correct spelling for the English word "fouled" is [fˈa͡ʊld], [fˈa‍ʊld], [f_ˈaʊ_l_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for FOULED

56 words made out of letters FOULED

3 letters

  • oed,
  • eld,
  • edo,
  • ufo,
  • led,
  • elf,
  • foe,
  • luo,
  • leo,
  • doe,
  • ode,
  • due,
  • flu,
  • fed,
  • dol,
  • old,
  • duo,
  • leu,
  • dle.

4 letters

  • fluo,
  • odle,
  • loeu,
  • flud,
  • lofe,
  • oeuf,
  • odel,
  • olde,
  • fudl,
  • foud,
  • edfu,
  • fode,
  • deol,
  • loue,
  • feld,
  • oude,
  • delu,
  • eudo,
  • dule,
  • lude,
  • defu,
  • delo,
  • dulo,
  • deul,
  • fudo,
  • foel,
  • doel,
  • fuld,
  • leud,
  • ould,
  • oluf.

5 letters

  • flued,
  • loued,
  • duflo,
  • ouled,
  • eufod,
  • fould.

Conjugate verb Fouled


I would foul
we would foul
you would foul
he/she/it would foul
they would foul


I will foul
we will foul
you will foul
he/she/it will foul
they will foul


I will have fouled
we will have fouled
you will have fouled
he/she/it will have fouled
they will have fouled


I fouled
we fouled
you fouled
he/she/it fouled
they fouled


I had fouled
we had fouled
you had fouled
he/she/it had fouled
they had fouled


I foul
we foul
you foul
he/she/it fouls
they foul


I have fouled
we have fouled
you have fouled
he/she/it has fouled
they have fouled
I am fouling
we are fouling
you are fouling
he/she/it is fouling
they are fouling
I was fouling
we were fouling
you were fouling
he/she/it was fouling
they were fouling
I will be fouling
we will be fouling
you will be fouling
he/she/it will be fouling
they will be fouling
I have been fouling
we have been fouling
you have been fouling
he/she/it has been fouling
they have been fouling
I had been fouling
we had been fouling
you had been fouling
he/she/it had been fouling
they had been fouling
I will have been fouling
we will have been fouling
you will have been fouling
he/she/it will have been fouling
they will have been fouling
I would have fouled
we would have fouled
you would have fouled
he/she/it would have fouled
they would have fouled
I would be fouling
we would be fouling
you would be fouling
he/she/it would be fouling
they would be fouling
I would have been fouling
we would have been fouling
you would have been fouling
he/she/it would have been fouling
they would have been fouling


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