How Do You Spell GATHERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "gathers" is [ɡˈaðəz], [ɡˈaðəz], [ɡ_ˈa_ð_ə_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for GATHERS

Below is the list of 106 misspellings for the word "gathers".

Similar spelling words for GATHERS

41 words made out of letters GATHERS

5 letters

  • hater,
  • herat,
  • tahrs,
  • harts,
  • rasht,
  • resht,
  • rates,
  • rages,
  • hares,
  • rheas,
  • tares,
  • gates,
  • haste,
  • harte,
  • hears,
  • gears,
  • earth,
  • hates,
  • trash,
  • grate,
  • sarge,
  • shear,
  • heart,
  • resat,
  • tears,
  • stage,
  • stare,
  • aster,
  • teras,
  • great,
  • terga,
  • heats,
  • share.

6 letters

  • grates,
  • greats,
  • hearts,
  • haters,
  • stager,
  • gather,
  • earths,
  • hearst.

Conjugate verb Gathers


I would gather
we would gather
you would gather
he/she/it would gather
they would gather


I will gather
we will gather
you will gather
he/she/it will gather
they will gather


I will have gathered
we will have gathered
you will have gathered
he/she/it will have gathered
they will have gathered


I gathered
we gathered
you gathered
he/she/it gathered
they gathered


I had gathered
we had gathered
you had gathered
he/she/it had gathered
they had gathered


I gather
we gather
you gather
he/she/it gathers
they gather


I have gathered
we have gathered
you have gathered
he/she/it has gathered
they have gathered
I am gathering
we are gathering
you are gathering
he/she/it is gathering
they are gathering
I was gathering
we were gathering
you were gathering
he/she/it was gathering
they were gathering
I will be gathering
we will be gathering
you will be gathering
he/she/it will be gathering
they will be gathering
I have been gathering
we have been gathering
you have been gathering
he/she/it has been gathering
they have been gathering
I had been gathering
we had been gathering
you had been gathering
he/she/it had been gathering
they had been gathering
I will have been gathering
we will have been gathering
you will have been gathering
he/she/it will have been gathering
they will have been gathering
I would have gathered
we would have gathered
you would have gathered
he/she/it would have gathered
they would have gathered
I would be gathering
we would be gathering
you would be gathering
he/she/it would be gathering
they would be gathering
I would have been gathering
we would have been gathering
you would have been gathering
he/she/it would have been gathering
they would have been gathering


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