What is the correct spelling for AE?

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Correct spellings for AE

  • aa As though he had been gifted with prescience, Jimmy continued-"Aa can feel whaat ye are thinking aboot, but it's not true.
  • ab For instance, I remember how once, on the eve of the Ninth of Ab -the anniversary of the fall of the Temple-I was looking on at the lamentations of the women.
  • ac Fert ubi mens, tenue ac deductum carmen avenam Radit stridentem stipulis.
  • ace "It's that you're within an ace of missing the train," he said, catching hold of her elbow and hurrying her down the platform to a door that still stood open, with an angry official, glaring dreadfully in spite of his tip, waiting beside it to shut it.
  • ag Ag-ka-win' is the small rump basket almost invariably worn by women when working in the irrigated sementera.
  • age She decided that his age was twenty-six and that he had a pleasant face.
  • ai Ai looked at her and said: "Indeed, that is a thing good to marvel at.
  • ak Regarding Saltikoff and Novak some doubt sprang up and, moreover, Saltikoff escaped and hid, while Novak, under advice from Lieutenant Colonel Michailoff, left for the west.
  • al Take your time, Al .
  • ale No, the ale had not disappeared in that way, for the cellar floor was as white, and dry, and clean, as possible.
  • ape Thus, as we have seen, Mr. Darwin attempts to explain the origin of rational speech, by the conscious utterance of a significant sound by an unusually wise ape -like creature.
  • ar Ye mean that ar ?
  • are But what good are they to us?
  • as 11,693. Had you ever got as much money as that before?
  • at 5507. Do you deal at Mr. Pole's shop?
  • ate Martin prepared his supper, but ate little, as he missed the familiar form at the head of the table.
  • au All were au service de l'armee.
  • av And then, turning abruptly, said: "Av it's plazing to you, sir, don't be trampin' on my heels.
  • awe Evidently he stood in great awe of the Phantom.
  • axe "Shure if I see one of our boats pulling by, I'll be after shouting at the top of my voice, to tell them we're here, and to axe them to come and take us off.
  • az 17. It was compounded, also, Az -On.
  • ea Legatus, qui ea de re mittitur, Fetialis ritusque belli indicendi Ius Fetiale appellatur.
  • se You ain't gwine away, Marse Judge?
  • Ah "Ah, well," said Mr. Ridgett, "if that's the way you looked at it.
  • Ave "Patter an Ave quickly," he growled, "ere I slay you with the sight of a drawn sword."
  • Aye "Ye ha'e aye said it?
  • Oe Spaced the oe ligatures.
  • Abe I didn't see Ashbran himself; Abe believed he had put across to warn your men.
  • Rae Miss Rae , by the way, says she's wild to know you; thought you were the most provoking man she ever saw; and that you were-nonsensical idea-engaged to Mae.
  • Mae "I suppose we don't know when we make pictures," said Mae .
  • AF Yes, he bellowed-af-ter lun-cheon!
  • AP 11. Ap -pre-hend', to entertain suspicion or fear of.
  • AW Alec said, "Aw, I don't need sleep."
  • AM I live at Hillswick, but I am not fishing there.
  • NAE She wants tae see ye, and tae hear ye say that ye 'ill never forget her nicht nor day till ye meet in the land where there's nae pairtin'.
  • ie
  • unamazing
  • easy-going She was hospitable and kind, but of a slightly less easy-going nature than her husband and family in general: in reality she was less selfish.