How Do You Spell RINGS?

Correct spelling for the English word "rings" is [ɹˈɪŋz], [ɹˈɪŋz], [ɹ_ˈɪ_ŋ_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for RINGS

Below is the list of 146 misspellings for the word "rings".

Similar spelling words for RINGS

24 words made out of letters RINGS

3 letters

  • ins,
  • gin,
  • isn,
  • snr,
  • sir,
  • inr,
  • rig,
  • nig,
  • irs,
  • gsr,
  • sin.

4 letters

  • rigs,
  • gnsr,
  • grin,
  • sign,
  • ring,
  • sing,
  • gris,
  • gins,
  • ings.

5 letters

  • sring,
  • girns,
  • grins,
  • rings.

What does rings stand for?

Abbreviation RINGS mean:

  1. ResNet Integrated Next Generation Solution

Conjugate verb Rings


I would ring
we would ring
you would ring
he/she/it would ring
they would ring


I will ring
we will ring
you will ring
he/she/it will ring
they will ring


I will have rung
we will have rung
you will have rung
he/she/it will have rung
they will have rung


I rang
we rang
you rang
he/she/it rang
they rang


I had rung
we had rung
you had rung
he/she/it had rung
they had rung


I ring
we ring
you ring
he/she/it rings
they ring


I have rung
we have rung
you have rung
he/she/it has rung
they have rung
I am ringing
we are ringing
you are ringing
he/she/it is ringing
they are ringing
I was ringing
we were ringing
you were ringing
he/she/it was ringing
they were ringing
I will be ringing
we will be ringing
you will be ringing
he/she/it will be ringing
they will be ringing
I have been ringing
we have been ringing
you have been ringing
he/she/it has been ringing
they have been ringing
I had been ringing
we had been ringing
you had been ringing
he/she/it had been ringing
they had been ringing
I will have been ringing
we will have been ringing
you will have been ringing
he/she/it will have been ringing
they will have been ringing
I would have rung
we would have rung
you would have rung
he/she/it would have rung
they would have rung
I would be ringing
we would be ringing
you would be ringing
he/she/it would be ringing
they would be ringing
I would have been ringing
we would have been ringing
you would have been ringing
he/she/it would have been ringing
they would have been ringing


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