How Do You Spell HORSES?

Correct spelling for the English word "Horses" is [h_ˈɔː_s_ɪ_z], [hˈɔːsɪz], [hˈɔːsɪz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for HORSES

Below is the list of 149 misspellings for the word "horses".

Similar spelling words for HORSES

Definition of HORSES

  1. Large, hoofed mammals of the family EQUIDAE. Horses are active day and night with most of the day spent seeking and consuming food. Feeding peaks occur in the early morning and late afternoon, and there are several daily periods of rest.

Anagrams of HORSES

6 letters

5 letters

4 letters

Conjugate verb Horses


I would horse
we would horse
you would horse
he/she/it would horse
they would horse


I will horse
we will horse
you will horse
he/she/it will horse
they will horse


I will have horsed
we will have horsed
you will have horsed
he/she/it will have horsed
they will have horsed


I horsed
we horsed
you horsed
he/she/it horsed
they horsed


I had horsed
we had horsed
you had horsed
he/she/it had horsed
they had horsed


I horse
we horse
you horse
he/she/it horses
they horse


I have horsed
we have horsed
you have horsed
he/she/it has horsed
they have horsed
I am horsing
we are horsing
you are horsing
he/she/it is horsing
they are horsing
I was horsing
we were horsing
you were horsing
he/she/it was horsing
they were horsing
I will be horsing
we will be horsing
you will be horsing
he/she/it will be horsing
they will be horsing
I have been horsing
we have been horsing
you have been horsing
he/she/it has been horsing
they have been horsing
I had been horsing
we had been horsing
you had been horsing
he/she/it had been horsing
they had been horsing
I will have been horsing
we will have been horsing
you will have been horsing
he/she/it will have been horsing
they will have been horsing
I would have horsed
we would have horsed
you would have horsed
he/she/it would have horsed
they would have horsed
I would be horsing
we would be horsing
you would be horsing
he/she/it would be horsing
they would be horsing
I would have been horsing
we would have been horsing
you would have been horsing
he/she/it would have been horsing
they would have been horsing