How Do You Spell 47-YARDER?

Pronunciation: [fˈɔːtisˈɛvənjˈɑːdə] (IPA)

The word "47-yarder" is spelled using the International Phonetic Alphabet as /fɔr ti sɛvən jɑrdər/. The number "47" is pronounced as "fɔr ti sɛvən" with the stress on the second syllable. "Yarder" is pronounced as "jɑrdər," with the stress on the first syllable. This word is commonly used in American football to describe a field goal or punt that was made from a distance of 47 yards. Proper spelling and pronunciation are important for clarity and understanding in communication.

47-YARDER Meaning and Definition

The term "47-yarder" is a noun that primarily refers to a specific type of play, kick, or field goal attempt in American football. It specifically denotes a field goal kick that is attempted from a distance of 47 yards away from the line of scrimmage. In this context, 47-yarder denotes the length or distance the kick needs to travel to successfully score three points for the offensive team.

In the game of football, which consists of four 15-minute quarters, teams often rely on field goals as a way to accumulate points when they are unable to reach the end zone. When a team's offensive drive stalls, or when they believe their kicker has a strong enough leg to attempt a long-range kick, they may opt for a 47-yarder. This requires the kicker to send the ball across a distance of 47 yards with precision and accuracy, often over the heads of opposing players who are attempting to block the kick.

The term "47-yarder" is also used by announcers, sports commentators, and football enthusiasts in general, to describe and discuss particular successful or unsuccessful field goal attempts from this specific distance. It allows for an immediate understanding of the length and difficulty of a given kick, reflecting the importance and impact it can have on the outcome of a game.

Etymology of 47-YARDER

The word "47-yarder" is a compound noun formed from three components: "47", "yard", and the suffix "-er".

1. "47": The number "47" refers to the specific yardage, indicating the distance in yards. In this context, it usually represents the distance between two points on a football field.

2. "Yard": The term "yard" has its origin in the Old English word "geard", meaning an enclosure or a patch of ground. Over time, it evolved to refer to a unit of length equal to three feet or 36 inches. The term "yard" is commonly used in American football to denote the distance between the goal line and the line of scrimmage.

3. "-er": The suffix "-er" is a common morpheme added to verbs or nouns to form an agent noun, indicating a person or thing that performs a particular action or is associated with a specific object.