How Do You Spell SHIRKS?

The word "shirks" is spelled with the letters s-h-i-r-k-s. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is represented as /ʃɜːrks/. The first sound, /ʃ/, is the voiceless postalveolar fricative sound, similar to the "sh" sound in English. The second sound, /ɜːr/, is the open-mid central unrounded vowel sound, as in "bird". The last sound, /ks/, represents the voiceless alveolar fricative sound followed by the voiceless alveolar plosive, similar to the "ks" sound in the word "axis".

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Conjugate verb Shirks


I would shirk
we would shirk
you would shirk
he/she/it would shirk
they would shirk


I will shirk
we will shirk
you will shirk
he/she/it will shirk
they will shirk


I will have shirked
we will have shirked
you will have shirked
he/she/it will have shirked
they will have shirked


I shirked
we shirked
you shirked
he/she/it shirked
they shirked


I had shirked
we had shirked
you had shirked
he/she/it had shirked
they had shirked


I shirk
we shirk
you shirk
he/she/it shirks
they shirk


I have shirked
we have shirked
you have shirked
he/she/it has shirked
they have shirked
I am shirking
we are shirking
you are shirking
he/she/it is shirking
they are shirking
I was shirking
we were shirking
you were shirking
he/she/it was shirking
they were shirking
I will be shirking
we will be shirking
you will be shirking
he/she/it will be shirking
they will be shirking
I have been shirking
we have been shirking
you have been shirking
he/she/it has been shirking
they have been shirking
I had been shirking
we had been shirking
you had been shirking
he/she/it had been shirking
they had been shirking
I will have been shirking
we will have been shirking
you will have been shirking
he/she/it will have been shirking
they will have been shirking
I would have shirked
we would have shirked
you would have shirked
he/she/it would have shirked
they would have shirked
I would be shirking
we would be shirking
you would be shirking
he/she/it would be shirking
they would be shirking
I would have been shirking
we would have been shirking
you would have been shirking
he/she/it would have been shirking
they would have been shirking


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